This just in! There's a new enzyme face wash on the block, and it's brought Green Tea as a backup - all K-beauty fans, listen up! ...

Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash REVIEW - K-BEAUTY NEWS

Friday, November 10, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

This just in! There's a new enzyme face wash on the block, and it's brought Green Tea as a backup - all K-beauty fans, listen up!

So, new kid's on the block! Wishtrend is at it again - bringing out exciting K-beauty news to all of us hungry and addicted to Korean skincare!

I have some special discounts as part of the launch, so read on ^_~

This time around, it's a face wash - one of those infamous enzyme powders! The Green Tea & Enzyme Powder wash is supposed to be suitable to all skin types, gentle and cleansing *duh*.

They were very kind to send this to me to test prior to its release, but the great news is that Green Tea & Enzyme Wash is now out! 

Here's the deal - I only recently jumped onto the enzyme wash bandwagon, and things have been foamy ever since!

I have tried the OG Tosowoong Enzyme Wash, thus I feel like I have a good level of understanding what it's supposed to do... 

If you don't, let me break it down - enzymes are active elements that help deep-cleanse the skin.
The formula is powder-to-foam, which means you need to moisten your hands to dissolve the granules - do not apply the granules directly onto your face!

The first thing that I noticed - the powder itself is so fine! It's a bloody pain to photograph, but it's definitely a massive pro, because the other enzyme wash I'm using the granules are almost 5x bigger, and thus don't dissolve well.

I really like how easily the Green Tea & Enzyme Powder wash dissolves - just a touch of water (wet hands) is enough to produce soft, pillow-y lather. And because of the minuscule size of the granules, there are none of them remaining that would risk being too abrasive to the skin!
It's also not soapy at all - not even the scent, which is surprising, but very appreciated.

The lather cleans very well - my skin feels very soft and refreshed, and looks much brighter after cleansing with this enzyme wash. Massive bonus - it doesn't feel dry or tight! So it will definitely suit most skin types, just as promised (we like when promises aren't empty).

I'm excited about the fact that this enzyme wash has green tea as well - it's fantastic for your skin, and I'm a big fan of it as an ingredient. I was wondering how noticeable it would be, and I have to say I'm very happy - you can definitely tell there's green tea in this.

There's a very gentle scent - like matcha (Japanese powder green tea), and the powder itself has a very pale green tint, as does the foam once dissolved. So you're definitely getting the one ingredient that's advertised!

I was wondering just how impressed I could be with a face wash - but I really am impressed with the Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash from Wishtrend! My temperamental sensitive skin has absolutely no issues with this, and it's such a great way to give cleansing an extra boost.

Another thing I've noticed, when compared to the Tosowoong Enzyme Wash, this one isn't as harsh on the skin, and thus it's possible to use it more frequently!

I am a big fan of this little face wash - it packs a wonderful punch, is gentle enough for sensitive skin AND it smells like green tea! Quite amazing, and certainly worth a try if you're looking into enzyme washes!

Overall rating - 9 /10

Cons: it's a little pricey for the amount

Who will like this?
 If you're serious about your cleansing, and want something that will really help slough off dead skin & impurities, whilst being gentle on your skin - this is for you!

Pick it up here:

Wishtrend: $17.60 (special promo price for the release)

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