Play your cards right, and you might end up with a fabulous foundation cushion - Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion can be very hit...

Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

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Play your cards right, and you might end up with a fabulous foundation cushion - Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion can be very hit or miss...

I was one of the winners of Jolse's review panel for the Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion - thankfully, because I would have not purchased it on my own.

Sounds bad, right? It's not - hear me out!

Let's start with all the amazing things about this cushion, and it begins with the packaging...

It's one of the more creative cushion designs - the cover has this funky heart / makeup design that I find really quirky and eye-catching.

The design of both the box and the lid is very artsy, and wouldn't be out of place in any hipster's purse. The design itself reminds of me of Too Cool For School, minus the dinosaurs.

Inside is the standard - air-tight lid, puff and the cushion itself. And the mirror, of course - so nothing exciting here.

Now let's talk about the formula, and reasons why I don't purchase 'dual' swirl products. Mind you, this gets controversial!

So, what's my beef with dual products? They rarely - never - actually blend together. Especially when it's in a cushion, or a pact, you can't just swirl things together without ending up with a muddy, murky mess.

I like my makeup pristine, because I do the messing around on my own face - one of my biggest pet peeves is muddy makeup pans *shakes fist angrily*. Hence why I would have never purchased the Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion on my own - not because I think it's bad, but because of the product 'design'. Just. not. my. thing!

Okay, rant over, let's talk about the White Blending base cushion - there are definitely things I love about the formula, despite it's maddening arrangement in the pan.

First things first - I received the shade 02 Ivory, which in the pan looked WAY too dark for me. Don't be fooled yourself - the white part really, really lightens the foundation side. If you're pale like me, 02 Ivory will be a good choice - any lighter, and you'll be resembling a ghost.

On the left, you see my half-face in a flash photo - I was surprised, because regardless of the white base, it didn't flash back nearly as pale as I expected. It actually looks quite good (mind you, there's no concealer or anything, other than the Keep In Touch While Blending Base Cushion on my face!

Now on the right you see it in natural light - this was the most perfecting cushion I've tried in a while. My right side looks rather flawless, even though it's applied on morning skin without any primer, concealer or powder!

This cushion does need to be prepped for - it's not drying, or moisturising, thus it will accentuate extreme dryness, but not too bad. If you moisturise well, you'll avoid it altogether.

Another thing I noticed as I wore this is that the White Blending Base Cushion does need to be set, that much. I normally have to use powder because product slides on my face - I'm a bespectacled creature, and that comes with major issues. With this cushion, however, I did not experience nearly as much sliding as with other cushion.

I think that is due to the slightly drier texture that the foundation itself has - as I said, it's not drying, but it's not meant for moisture either.
Due to this, the cushion also wears longer than most of my cushions - and it has more medium coverage. I use this for days when I have events, or need to go out somewhere special, to make my skin look flawless without having to pile on product.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Keep In Touch cushion - yes, I still think that the swirl design is Satan's invention and shouldn't be done, but the formula and wear did convince me to use this for events where I need more coverage and a longer-lasting base.

I went into this highly sceptical - and I'm still not at all supportive of the dual-swirl type of products. However, the Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion did convince me as a formula - it's a great cushion for days when you want more coverage and longer wear.

Surprisingly - I recommend this!

Overall rating - 9/10

Cons: dual swirl design is stupid.

Who will like this?
 if you're looking for higher coverage and longer wear, and if you have combo/oily skin - this cushion might become your best friend.

Pick it up here:

Jolse$16.26 (free shipping)

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