Autumn is such a strange season...every time it rolls around, it throws me for a loop - and I try to use my autumn playlist to accompany t...

My Autumn Playlist - K-pop Ladies & Gents I Currently Love [Korean Lifestyle]

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Autumn is such a strange season...every time it rolls around, it throws me for a loop - and I try to use my autumn playlist to accompany the tumultuous emotions & weather changes. Come with me...

Oh just FIY - this is in no way sponsored by Marshall, I just happen to be a massive fan of the music quality of my little speaker.

So, Autumn...I feel like this season in particular is the most reflective of what lives inside of me - sunny days, rainy days, days when it rains on one side and sun shines on the other...A shift from warmth to cold, nature changing in every way possible..Nothing is quite stable, but everything is where it should be.

Forgive my introspection, but I did mention I have special feelings for this season...oh, have I mentioned that I'm an Autumn child myself? Yup, dearest November - time when I came into this world, probably why I can relate the best to Autumn above all.

Anyways, let's get into some tunes! Now, let me preface this by saying that in no-way do I listen to K-pop exclusively. It definitely has a strong feature on my playlist, but it's mostly bands & artists that aren't sweeping the trends, and only because I enjoy the music. I don't have 'biases' or any strong attachments to K-pop, but I do have an appreciation for some of the artists who managed to take a formula and make it into enjoyable music.

I must start with the king of beautifully melancholy tunes:

Park Hyo Shin and one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs from his repertoire, Wild Flower (야생화) - the video captures autumnal vibes perfectly, and his voice carries me to a peaceful dimension. Irreplaceable during any time of the year, but especially chilly, gloomy Autumn.

For a more cheery, yet still laid back vibe, I always turn to this Lady of Kpop:


That's right, IU is back on my blog - I just adore this girl and her flavour of K-pop! It's so refreshing, melodic and light - perfect for cool, sunny days of autumn.

Next up, an older tune, but still a strong favourite - from Roy Kim:

The Great Dipper - very much an autumnal song...slow, nostalgic, perfectly heart-wrenching, but still brings a melancholy smile to my face every time.
Roy Kim in general has somewhat of a hold on my heart, his music always tugs at just the right strings, and his beautifully melodic voice just carries you away...
Nothing beats listening to this while walking through a drenching rain storm!

How about something more upbeat? Say hello to some of my favourite ladies in K-pop - Mamamoo:

Yes I Am! Such a great jam, I listen to this almost every morning to get myself out the door into the cool autumn winds - powerful, fun, with fantastic vocal performances. Love it!

And finally..truly an oldie from way back in 2011 - Epik High:

1 minute 1 second is a fantastic sample of the gem that Epik High & Tablo is - travelling beat that motivates tired steps pairs beautifully with a melancholy melody to keep your mind swaying. I had a tough time picking between 1분 1초 and One, but I feel like more people talk about One, thus I have to spread more love for 1 minute 1 second!

There are many more K-pop artists spinning on my playlist - the likes of Ailee, Lee Hi, Kim Dong Ryul, Jung Joon Young, Younha - but the above have really accompanied my early Autumn with their music, and thus deserve a little dedication on their own.

Until next time...share your favourite Autumnal tunes in the comments!

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