Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Tension Pact is jewelry box-worthy, and it's a pretty great cushion for those with dry sensitive skin! Jump...

Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Tension Pact 01 Bright Light REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

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Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Tension Pact is jewelry box-worthy, and it's a pretty great cushion for those with dry sensitive skin! Jump in to see how it performed for me...

Thanks to the enabling ways of Jolse I have been able to review items that I wouldn't be able to otherwise, either due to their availability or popularity.
When I first saw Missha's Geum Sul Vitalizing Tension Pact, I knew I had to try it...but it was sold out everywhere in Korea! No wonder - look at it...

My skin type is dry-combo, and sensitive with a flaky texture often. The claims of this particular cushion appealed greatly to me, because it promises moisture and also some healing as it contains ginseng.

Oh what am I blabbing about, let's all admire the packaging for a while!

This is the most 'glamorous' cushion case I've seen, it looks very regal with it's rose-gold accents, opalescent lid, ornaments and sparkle.

The Geum Sul line is modeled to look like something Korean queens & princesses would have had centuries ago, so I really admire the design. It's also not too flashy or tacky, so it does look luxurious rather than cheap.

The inside is also beautiful - the tension net has a beautiful flower pattern, that does transfer onto the cushion if you stamp it carefully enough.

One note - due to the various extracts and oils in the Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Tension Pact formula, when you first open the cushion lid you might find that it's separated a little.
It's annoying, but if you squish around it will be all good again.

The formula of this is quite thick and creamy, it reminds me a bit of the Polatam Oak Sap Cream, because of its density.
It has a very pleasant herbal (or hanbang) scent, it doesn't linger, but I am happy that it doesn't smell of fake powder or flowers, as some other cushions do (I'd rather smell the ginseng).

The coverage of this is medium to high - you can definitely build it up. You can also sheer it out to light coverage if you prep your skin well, so you can really massage the cushion in.

The cushion sits quite comfortably on my dry skin - I still have to prep it to avoid flakes, but that's with most cushions. I am a little disappointed that this isn't moisturising enough to combat the flakes on its own, then again they had to formulate it for a wider demographic.

One thing I will say - the design of the net, albeit pretty, makes it sometimes difficult to get a smooth layer, you really have to pat and blend to make sure that you're not leaving any marks!

Overall, I like using this cushion for special occasions, and when my skin is tired, because it really does make it look more awake and happier - my skin, just much better!

I would definitely recommend this cushion to those who have drier skin - if you have oily skin, this will be much too heavy.
Also, if you're someone who loves their makeup gorgeous on the outside as well, Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Tension Pact is well worth the slight splurge!

In terms of price - this is actually cheaper to buy from Jolse, than it is from Korea - on Jolse it's about 24-26$ whilst in Korea it's almost 30! It's on the higher end of cushions, though cheaper than Laneige or Hera, and in my experience - I prefer this cushion!

Overall rating - 9/10

Who will like this?
 Anyone with dry skin looking for a comfortable cushion and decent coverage.

Pick it up here:

Jolse$26.24 (free shipping)

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