Few things get makeup junkies as excited as cute, shiny things you can put on your face - Missha's here with their answer in the shape...

Missha Rolling Heart Ball Blusher in 03 Aurora Shake REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

Sunday, June 18, 2017 Unknown 2 Comments

Few things get makeup junkies as excited as cute, shiny things you can put on your face - Missha's here with their answer in the shape of Rolling Heart Ball Blusher.

Because you don't need an excuse to own a blush in the shape of hearts - or at least I don't.
I would be lying through my teeth if I said the shape of the 'balls' wasn't the reason I bought the Missha Rolling Heart Ball Blusher - I first saw it on their webpage, and pretty much knew it had to end up on my dresser.

I kicked myself a bit after realising I could have bought it cheaper outside of Korea (yep, for real), but the damage was done - the hearts were laid out (so to speak) and this baby landed on my desk!

Just to preface the cuteness of this, I need to give you a bit of a background in my history with blush.
Of which, there's not much - blush is just not my thing. I already have a flush 'au naturel' that only intensifies in summer, so I rarely (read - never) use a blush because it's a little redundant.

On top of it, the blushes I have tried all had the same issue - they were too strong, too heavy and didn't work with my natural cheek colour.
Perhaps Missha has heard my woes?..

Before I review the blush itself, let us crush on how ridiculously adorable this thing is!
The packaging is cardboard with various shades of pink & lavender swirled together, and dotted with golden hearts.
Opening it up you'll find a soft, round, ridiculously adorable puff with a little pink bow to pick it up - this makes me feel so much like an Old Hollywood starlet, I love it!

Underneath the puff rests a little sponge separator - to prevent the puff from picking up all the colours while not in use (very clever). And underneath that...

...is a little pile of cuteness in the shape of perfect hearts. They come in 4 shades, varying from pale pink, to baby/peachy pink, to lavender. Unfortunately, the little hearts to kick up dusk so each heart has a coating making them look not as different in colour as they really are.

See what I mean? You can distinguish between the lavender and pink, but not much else. Sad sigh here, but it was definitely expected -  I am yet to see a concept like this without each ball/heart/whatever covered in the dust of its siblings.

I tried swatching the balls separately:

Top photo is with flash, the bottom photo is natural light - it took me forever to get the camera to focus on the swatches as they are not the most pigmented out there.

That, however, is not a bad thing - I like that swirling my brush around, or the puff, I don't come up with a blob of shimmery pink that would make a circus clown proud.

Indoors this looks quite matte, but add some sunshine or a flash, and you'll see that cheeky shimmer - it's not sparkly, but definitely shimmery. I actually enjoy that as it works as a highlighter and a blush in one.

In the above photo I dusted some of the Rolling Heart Ball Blusher on the outer part of my wrist - you can see the faint sheen against the other side.
I didn't, however, put face swatches because London is currently being smothered by the sun and my face was already melty enough without makeup on...I cannot be bothered to put makeup on when it's hot, because it feels like I'm torturing my skin voluntarily.

Overall, I'm still not a blush convert - but this little cute baby Rolling Heart Ball Blusher in 03 Aurora Shake is perfect for days when I want to add an angelic touch to my makeup and really accentuate my features.

The puff is more for show than function - I always suggest a brush with this type of product. But the blush itself lends a very delicate, cool-toned pink/lavender accent to the cheeks with a gentle sheen.
Love it!

I would actually suggest looking into the Rolling Heart Ball Blusher if you're a makeup novice - there are 3 shades to pick from, to flatter most skintones (not for deeper skin tones, mind you, unfortunately), and the delicate colour makes it easy to apply without overdosing.

Overall rating - 9/10

Cons: the puff is a little useless

Who will like this: makeup novice wanting to try blush, makeup lover who wants a cute blush, every Korean makeup addict - because it's just too darn cute to resist!

Pick it up here:

Jolse: 17.58$ (free shipping & freebies)
RoseRoseShop: 18,600KRW 

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  1. Oooo I saw these & couldn't decide which shade I wanted! They are so cute & I don't own this kind of shade

    1. This is definitely the most unique shade from the range, and overall - there aren't that many lavender blushes out there.
      I would say it's definitely worth trying if you're into the colour! ;)