Feel like splashing cash out on luxurious skincare? Lui & Lei Diana Gen Gold Caviar Cream will gladly help you do that!

Luxury Lui&Lei Diana Gen Gold Caviar Cream Review [Korean skincare]

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Feel like splashing cash out on luxurious skincare? Lui & Lei Diana Gen Gold Caviar Cream will gladly help you do that!

Let's get this out of the way - this is a skincare product with the highest price tag in my entire collection, yes. But, I won it rather than purchase it myself - because regardless of how miraculous it might be, I'm of the opinion that pretty much nothing in skincare or makeup world justifies spending 100$+.
This is my principle, and I want to get it out there before the review - you will get my honest experience with this cream, but I want to reiterate that had I not been picked as one of the people to review the Lui & Lei Diana Gen Gold Caviar Cream, I would not have purchased it myself.

With that being said - let's dig into this beauty!

Let's talk about the packaging, because I'm pretty sure that's one of the main reasons you're even considering this cream!
The packaging is, well, luxuriously over the top - a big faux-leather encased box, with velvet lining on which rests a big 'diamond' so you never forget just how fancy you're supposed to feel like while using this cream.

The box itself is very sturdy, and actually looks elegant (regardless of the faux-croc cover). I like the off-white and gold accents.
The inside is well built as well - the diamond rests on a special 'throne' so it wouldn't wobble and fall out. There's also a small scoop included, with a diamond-shaped end.

Everything is made out of plastic, and while I do think it's better it terms of safety, I'd expected something to be glass here. Oh well - better whole than shattered (especially when you're splashing out that much)...

The diamond cream jar will make a brilliant photo-op, that's for sure! And I think this is the prop I've been looking for in order to re-create a makeup look from Taeyeon's I Got Love video (I ran out of diamonds, what can I say...). Expect to see this in a different context soon...

Side note - I kinda get the whole hype about rose-gold things..I mean..this is beautiful, and it's a colour that definitely looks both elegant and luxurious.

Opening the diamond lid reveals the actual cream container, which to be honest looks absolutely minuscule compared with the diamond shell.
There's a plastic protective cap that you remove to reveal the cream itself - white with tiny orange beads scattered throughout.

There is a very faint floral scent that's not offensive or too overpowering - and I appreciate that.
One giant down-side to this diamond packaging is that unless you're keeping it in a box, the diamond won't stand straight - it will roll all over the place (almost rolled right off the cabinet while taking the above photo) and you risk losing some of that precious beauty potion!

The texture of the cream is quite viscous, but not runny, heavy or otherwise unpleasant - it's somewhere between a cream and a gel, and it makes the cream spread really easily. About 2-pea size is enough to cover the whole face and neck without issues.
There's an emollient glide to the cream, and I have a feeling there are silicones in this that contribute to the glide. Once applied, the cream takes almost no time to sink right into the skin, without leaving any tacky residue.

Now, how did I find this cream - I used it for almost 3 weeks, changing nothing else in my routine.
On the plus side - it's a good moisturiser, not too heavy and perfect for warmer months. I enjoyed using it, much like I enjoy any other cream literally ever.
On the down side - the Earth didn't move (other than its obligatory 672 million miles it was going to already). This cream did almost nothing to my skin (other than moisturise) - no brightening, no lifting, no firming no...anything that would justify the price tag.

Now, maybe this would be different if I were older and/or my skin was in poorer shape - but for my skin as it is, this was a good moisturiser but nothing more than that.

So there you go - absolutely gorgeous packaging, and an absolutely mediocre product - so, what else is new?
I want to stress again that in my opinion skincare does not have to be expensive to work great. Yes, I do daydream about History of Whoo or Sulhwasoo, but there hasn't been a day when I actually considered spending that much money.
Today is also not that day - after using this cream I went back to a recent miracle discovery I made of a cream that's brilliantly effective and costs about 1/6th of this! Be on the lookout for a review if you're interested...

Just in case you do want to take a look, even if just to further admire the packaging - there are two other types of this cream, White Trufle and Royal Fish, so maybe they would have something more to offer?

Overall rating - 2/10 - great packaging, good moisturiser, awful price tag

Who will like this?
 If you have the desire to throw money at things, and posses giant diamonds - this might be your thing!

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