Summertime means fun colours, flowers all around and a general feeling of whimsy in the air! Etude House Play Colour Eyes in Cherry Blosso...

Etude House Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom Eyeshadow Palette REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty Pink Bird]

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 Unknown 2 Comments

Summertime means fun colours, flowers all around and a general feeling of whimsy in the air! Etude House Play Colour Eyes in Cherry Blossom is the perfect eyeshadow palette for days in the sun...

This has been one item I've kept my eye on since I first saw it - it's been a really long time since a Korean makeup eyeshadow palette had me going 'oooh wait, I need this!'
Etude's Personal Color palette almost had me jump the gun and get it, but the shades weren't interesting enough to convince me.

The Play Color Eyes in Cherry Blossom is a whole other story - this palette has fun pinks/magenta shades, peaches, gold and iridescent shimmer! What more could a girl with a slight colour&glitter obsession want?!

To start with the packaging - because it would be criminal not to talk about it.
I love it - although pink is a colour that rarely shows up in my wardrobe, I have a weakness for cherry blossom anything...Give me petals, give me bus, give me sakura pink palettes with decorative blossoms - I'll be all over everything!

The plastic case itself is also decorated like the box, beautiful little sakura blossoms adorning the lid, and the protective plastic over the eyeshadows. The case is sturdy, snaps shut securely and has a large mirror inside - thumbs up!

One note I'd like to make, however, I know some of the Pink Birds received their palettes with some eyeshadows shattered *sobs*, mine came safely, but I can see how these eyeshadows aren't packed in as safely as they could be.

Onto the shadows themselves - there are 10 colours, 3 semi-mattes, 2 smooth shimmer, 2 glitter and 3 regular shimmer eyeshadows.
In terms of formula - all of the shadows are pigmented and smooth, which rarely happens. Even the glittery shades aren't chunky or flaky!
There is a nice variation of sakura colours here - you have beautiful soft peachy pinks and mauves, a dark chocolate bark, and several variations of brighter pink shades.

This palette will lend itself to a variety of beautiful summer makeup looks - from soft and delicate, to vibrant, bold and super fun!
On top of that, these eyeshadows actually have a really nice lasting power - without a primer even they last for the entire day with very minimal creasing, colour intensity remains nearly untouched, and they don't fall all over your face.

I am very impressed with the formula, lasting power and the range of colours in this palette - Etude is definitely stepping up their makeup game!

This was the one thing no one could have stopped me from buying - and I was over the moon when we received it in our Pink Bird boxes! 
The Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom eyeshadow palette did not disappoint one bit - pigmented, gorgeous colours and it has cherry blossoms all over. A definite winner, and a must-have for anyone who's into bright, summery makeup looks!

You can find this on Etude House website and in-stores.

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  1. I love the shades inside this palette & it's so cute :)) Thank you for the swatches & I'm buying it for my BFF's birthday

    1. I'm so glad it was helpful ^_^ This palette is definitely gift-worthy! Just the packaging alone is so pretty O_O
      I will be posting another review today (eyebrow tint) - you can see a makeup look I did with this palette there ;)