Want thick, luscious eyebrows like a K-pop idol? Etude House Tint My 4-tip Brow eyebrow tint might be just the product you're looking ...

Etude House Eyebrow Tint My 4-tip Brow in 04 REVIEW & SWATCHES [Pink Bird K-beauty]

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Want thick, luscious eyebrows like a K-pop idol? Etude House Tint My 4-tip Brow eyebrow tint might be just the product you're looking for...

I'm going to be honest with you - eyebrow products are not something I'm into at all. In fact, this is the very first eyebrow-specific product I own! In the past, if I had to do my brows, I would just use eyeshadow, because I would only ever do them if I had a photo-shoot.
Why? Because I'm one of the genetically lucky ones to have pretty good eyebrows to start with - they're not super thick, but they're dark and have a beautifully defined natural shape. So, I never felt like having to amp it up for everyday - probably one of the reasons my eyebrows still look good TBH.

Etude's Tiny My 4-tip Brow eyebrow tint is something I would have never reached for on my own accord for the above reasons. However, I am very happy that I get to jump out of my comfort zone and try something I've genuinely never ever tried before!

The packaging is straightforward - it's a pen. The box is cute, with little eyebrow cut-outs - adorable.
The 'catch' of this product is - it has 4 little prongs that you use to draw on your eyebrows. They're like four little felt-tip eyeliners strung together - the idea is that this applicator will help you get full looking, defined eyebrows quickly.

Now, if you're into K-pop scene you will know that eyebrows are a thing - every K-pop idol has thick, full eyebrows that have quite a uniform, rather straight shape. 
This particular eyebrow trend has been around for years - the shape and fullness supposedly makes one look younger, and more 'innocent'. More 'mature' celebrities usually have a slight bend to their eyebrows, but nothing like we're used to in the West.
Myself being a lover of vintage looks, my eyebrows are the perfect 50's shape and I wouldn't change that for the world!

By the way, if you're familiar with Lee Hyori (you should be, she's amazing), you'll remember her song Bad Girls, where in the video she had very archy eyebrows. This was a not-so-subtle mockery of the fact that 'straight' eyebrows means you're 'innocent', whereas archy ones means you're 'bad'.

lee hyori face bad girls

Now that we've covered the 'social commentary' as far as eyebrows go, let's look at some swatches and product review!

The shade I got - 04 - is a cooler grey-brown. It actually fits well with my natural eyebrow/hair colour, so I am happy with it!
The above swatches I tried using the 4-tip wand in every possible way. In terms of drawing ability - it's relatively good, but one problem is that you won't be able to draw thin lines with this. This creates a huge issue for people who don't have dense brows already - you will be able to see that they're filled in quite obviously, since you can't create feather-like strokes to fill in discretely.

Another grip I have is that the product actually bleeds - see how it stretched into the tiny lines on my hand? It doesn't continue bleeding, but it does spread a bit upon initial application - thus, again, if you're hoping to create discrete definition, your efforts will be muddied.

Now for face swatches...

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 I filled in my right eyebrow (left in the picture) to the best of my abilities - you can see my natural brow on the other side, that doesn't look that much worse.
I actually liked how natural the eyebrow tint looked - because itself it's not very pigmented, you can see definition without being overly cartoonish. Plus, the 4-tip applicator did help me fill my brows in really quickly, I was done in about 10 seconds!

I also didn't have problems following the natural arch - however, I will say that this eyebrow tint is definitely catered more towards the straight eyebrow trend - the wand isn't the best for creating a clean, defined edge.
My experience, however, is effected by me having full, thick natural brows already - I have a feeling someone with sparse brows might get frustrated by the inability to draw thin, hair-like lines.

It lasts a full working day without fading, however it's not waterproof - if you plan to get wet in any way (get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about rain and/or sweat), this will transfer!

 Overall, I am happy with 'my first' eyebrow tint experience - though not perfect, the product did everything it promised, and made my brows look naturally more defined. I would recommend this to people who are interested in the K-beauty makeup trends, but have decent eyebrows to start with.
As mentioned, the wand might prove problematic for those with thin/sparse brows.

You can find this on Etude House website and in-stores.

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