Looking for a new eyeliner? You might want to consider the Etude House Super Slim eyeliners as contenders!

Etude House Super Slim Proof Eyeliner Review - Brush & Pencil [K-beauty Pink Bird]

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Looking for a new eyeliner? You might want to consider the Etude House Super Slim eyeliners as contenders!

These days I wear makeup so rarely that every time is a special occasion - and almost always it includes some sort of cat-eye flick.
On days when I wear light/casual makeup I love me some brown eyeliner (as you might remember if you've been around my blog long enough).
When I saw these two Super Slim babies in my Pink Bird box I got really excited! Eyeliners - that's what I'm talking about (I literally own one black eyeliner at the moment, that's running out..)

Both the brush and pencil liners are supposed to be water resistant and super precise, due to their small size.
These are amazing features to have in an eyeliner - no one wants a messy eye-look once you get misty-eyed. Or, to be honest, you don't even need to shed tears for some eyeliners to rub right off...

Starting with the packaging - the super slim eyeliners look really sleek. And, indeed, are very slim!
If you look in the photo bellow, I'm comparing them to a 'regular' sized eyeliner...

They're almost half the thickness! Quite impressive, and as a result they're very light and portable, so they will take up almost no space in your daily makeup bag (always a plus in my book).
They are colour-coded, of course, and I like that the letters are different colours to match the tubes - silver for the black and gold for the brown. These are minor things, but they can make or break a brand to be honest!
Their lids snap shut very securely, so I would have no worries about these eyeliners going on a mad scribble rampage in your purse.

The Super Slim Brush Eyeliner in Black has one of the finest brushes I've come across. It's very flexible, but holds its shape well - and I had no issues manoeuvring this over the contours of my eye.

One minus to this is that it's not that inky-black that most of us love - it's more translucent, although you can build up the intensity.
The formula itself is quite wet - do be careful when you first swipe in on, as it can transfer easily.
As for it's waterproof qualities..umm..it's not waterproof!
This got me a little upset - all I had to do is wet my finger and run across the drawn lines to remove the eyeliner almost completely. No rubbing, just a little bit of moisture and it comes right off.
Sure, it doesn't run under a stream of water, but this is not 'proof' - if you plan on releasing the water works, I wouldn't wear this.

The Super Slim Pencil Eyeliner is, like the brush brother, super fine - you twist it up, although I wouldn't twist up more than you see in the picture for a single line.
The pencil is very precise, and very soft - you can draw squiggly lines really easily!

This is also a lot easier to build intensity with - it starts as a soft caramel brown, but one more swipe and it transforms into dark chocolate-y brown shade!
Also, the formula of this is quite 'proof' indeed - it doesn't run under water, and it takes quite a lot of rubbing with makeup remover to get this off. Not as surprising, since this is a pencil, but considering they're from the same range I didn't expect such a big difference in 'proof'-ness...

Overall, I would chose the Super Slim Proof Pencil eyeliner over the Super Slim Proof Brush eyeliner for the lasting power alone - sure, for basic everyday makeup the black eyeliner is perfect, but I would expect a lot stronger resistance from something that should, in fact, be resistant.

The pencil eyeliner is excellent, on the other hand! Beautiful shade, good build-ability, long-lasting and very precise - pretty much everything one could ask for from an eyeliner!

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