Let's hustle, bustle and peek under the cover of Etude House's April Pink Bird Box!

Etude House Pink Bird April Unboxing & Honey Cera Skincare First Impressions

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Let's hustle, bustle and peek under the cover of Etude House's April Pink Bird Box!

As you might know, I've had issues with my server not updating my blog - it seems to be somewhat resolved, although I'm still working on a back-dated log. Do apologise if my posts are a little Etude-heavy, but I have a responsibility to bring you these reviews (let's be honest - there's never too much makeup in our lives!)

As a consolation, I'm going to leave a little musical interlude if you want to join me in humming while I type! I'm a little obsessed with IU's Palette album - I listen to very few K-pop artists these days, especially new stuff *yawns*, but IU always has such a fresh take on things!

Although both Through the Night and Ending Scence has been on repeat, I want to share the more cheery title track - I love how breezy, confident and just refreshing it is. IU has musical confidence oozing in the best way, so let's relax and enjoy:

Now, let's jump into the unboxing...

I love the presentation of the goodies this time round - a nice perfectly arranged bundle gets my secret Tetris monster purring with satisfaction!

April's box has been very generous, we got several new releases as well as another skincare trial kit (which came incredibly handy when I was traveling at the end of April! Thanks Etude for making travel much easier)

The star of the package is the All Day Perfect Any Cushion in Vanilla:

"Perfect cover, smooth touch, absolutely long-lasting! Any Cushion All Day Perfect provides long-lasting perfect, elastic makeup"

Etude is really confident they've brought out an office-girl best friend with this cushion, so I was really excited to test it! Stay tuned for my Thursday review of this little pot of wonder~

Then I received the Fix and Fix Tone-up Primer in Mint - I will be testing/reviewing it together with the cushion, as I feel these two are intended to go together.

Finally, we have the two eyeliners - Super Slim Proof Brush Liner in Black and Super Slim Proof Pencil Liner in Brown. I'm a big fan of Etude's eyeliners, so you can be sure these are already living in my makeup bag!

The eyeliners will be the first ones I review tomorrow, as they took a little less time testing!

As for the Honey Cera skincare line - I tried them all together, so I can't give very detailed reviews of each of the product, but overall my favourite was the eye serum! Once I shop for a new eye cream, this is definitely on the top of the list!

That's all for today, lovelies - I hope you had a lovely time nodding along to IU and reading through this little unboxing.
Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the eyeliner review!

Until then...

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***The Pink Bird box is part of a programme from Etude House where a select group of bloggers receive sample products for reviews. This does not imply any sort of monetary remuneration and my opinions are in no-way influenced by the programme or Etude house. What you're getting is 100% me - love it or leave it!***