Who doesn't love a perfect face canvas for makeup adventures? Etude House has you covered (literally) with their Fix and Fix Primer an...

Etude House Fix and Fix Primer in Mint & All Day Perfect Any Cushion REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty Pink Bird]

Thursday, May 18, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Who doesn't love a perfect face canvas for makeup adventures? Etude House has you covered (literally) with their Fix and Fix Primer and All Day Perfect Any Cushion!

These are the final babies in April's Pink Bird box - the Fix and Fix Primer Tone-up in Mint and All Day Perfect Any Cushion in Vanilla.
I am reviewing these together as they are supposed to be buddies - the primer should prep your face for the cushion, and the cushion (helped by the primer) should sit around comfortably all day providing full coverage.

How did that go? Let's see...

Starting off with the primer - a sleek understated tube featuring just one colour (the colour of the primer) and a silver cap. I like this packaging - the slim tube has a small nozzle that makes dispensing product very easy and mess-free, plus, as it's so portable, you can chuck this into your makeup bag without worries.

This does have an SPF33 PA++ so you could use it as a base without anything else!
The formula is creamy yet light, and goes on very smoothly, without patching or accentuating dryness.
Also, as a primer, I definitely feel this helps base products 'stick' better to the skin - I tried it with several cushions and got the same extended wear result! No complaints so far...

Now the cushion...

Housed in a pretty compact that features alternating shades of pink and silver accents (gorgeous, let's be honest), the All Day Perfect Any Cushion promises to give you a flawless face for hours on end.
I'm not one to reach for full coverage products, but there are times when I do need something along those lines, so I was really curious to see how this would perform...

The compact itself is your very standard cushion compact, with a product-saturated cushion that you pat into and then onto your face.
It's on the thicker side and certainly felt creamy and comfortable on an arm swatch. Thus I decided to put it to the test on my face...

...and regretted it immediately. This is not a cushion for dry skin, not even combo!
On the plus side, yes it does have full coverage and lasts all day even without a primer - their claims are spot on.

Left to right/top to bottom - bare face, chickenpox primer, primed face, cushion cover

However in terms of how comfortable it feels and its moisturising properties..I must throw my hands in the air with a snort of derision - it does not! The formula, although thicker and creamy, clings to every little dry bit it can find. Even on a well moisturised, well primed face - you will see every flaw.
Furthermore, as I wore this, I felt my skin tighten uncomfortably, as if something was sucking the moisture out of it.

Once I cleansed it off, I could almost hear my skin sigh with relief - this was not a comfortable experience. Every day that I wore this I could feel my skin begging to be freed from the suffocating cage that this cushion became...unfortunately.

I can see this as an option for oily skin gals - this will certainly help you get a handle on excess sebum!
However, if you're dry skin like me - stay the duck away from this because your skin will disown you...

I definitely recommend the primer - it's a great little friend to help you tame that redness and extend the wear of your base products!
Skip the cushion if you have dry skin though, because it will cling to every dry patch for dear life...
All in all, this was a highly polarising experience, but I'm glad I discovered a makeup love!

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