Bright colours, smooth & velvety texture and all under 10$ - too good to be true? Come in to read the story of Missha Matt Painting Ro...

Missha Matt Painting Rouge in PP01 Make Crazy REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

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Bright colours, smooth & velvety texture and all under 10$ - too good to be true? Come in to read the story of Missha Matt Painting Rouge!

I'm back after a bit of a break - for a while now I've been feeling a little uninspired, both to write and to take photographs. I can't completely blame it on my job, but it has become increasingly draining. Apologies for the absence - but I do have a pile of products I want to tell you about (most of them happen to be lippies..because it's me)

Starting with the Missha Matt Painting Rouge in PP01 Make Crazy (someone in Korean beauty industry - please, start using English speakers to write your names..I beg of you, because I go crazy every time I see something that looks like it's put together by Google translate..Make *me* Crazy)

Name aside, this has to be one of my all-time favourite lip releases from Korean beauty scene - and that says a lot since I'm addicted to lippies. Here's why...

Matt Painting Rouge is a liquid lipstick with a matt finish. Normally, that sentence sends me running to the hills (of comfortable, moisturising lippies), but as I enjoyed the Painting Rouge Chiffon formula, I decided to give this one a go as well.

Packed in a frosted plastic tube with a doe foot applicator, this lippie is both understated and classy. The formula (which, I think, is reflected in the packaging) is slightly mousse-y, smooth and really opaque. I usually start with brushing off most of the product, and still have more than enough to coat my lips.

The formula starts of quite liquid, but it quickly sets into a matt finish. Shockingly, that doesn't mean it drains the life out of your lips - although you can sort of feel that you're wearing a lipstick, the Matt Painting Rouge has a very soft, velvety finish that, honestly, just feels like your lips with nothing on.
Another bonus - it doesn't make your lips look dry.

It's not super moisturising - it's not supposed to be - but it's not drying at all! I can sit comfortably with this for hours without feeling the need to apply lip balm or anything else on top. This is such a winning formula in my eyes, and I want to try all shades..

The colour of PP01 Make (me) Crazy is a purple-based pink. One thin layer will get you closer to a fuchsia pink, while a thicker layer (or two thin ones) will really amplify the purple undertones.
The colour in the lip swatch above is one thin coat - see what I mean by opaque?! Oh, and this stuff doesn't feather - you'll have a pristine line throughout the wear.

**Application tip - start with brushing most of the product off on the side, and using the applicator to outline your lips and set a thin base coat. Proceed with adding more layers to intensify the colour. This will make sure your lips look sharp, and the lippie lasts as long as possible.**

The lasting power on this is also incredible - it does transfer slightly, but you'll have full-on bright lips for literally hours, and when you do want to take it off you'll have to take a couple swipes of makeup remover to get the colour off completely.
I love that - working in an office environment, with water/tea/coffee all around, I don't want to be re-applying my lipstick every half an hour.

However - I always remove before lunch, and reapply a fresh coat after eating, just because I prefer pristine makeup looks (this one doesn't completely go away even with the greasiest foods, but it does face in the middle).

And, as simple the doe foot applicator is - I love it for the Matt Painting Rouge. It's perfect for both drawing really precise lines, and filling in the lips!
On top of everything, there are like 12 shades to chose from! From beiges, to pinks & reds, to the more unusual purple - you'll find your look, I promise.

I'm serious - if you're into the matt lip look you have to get your hands on one of Missha's Matt Painting Rouge lippies! If you're curious about matt lips, but have always been afraid of them drying out, feathering and just being unfriendly - you must try the Matt Painting Rouge!
I'm convinced that both matt lip novices (as myself) and matt lip divas will love this!

Overall rating - 10/10

Who will like this: If you're into matt lips and bright colours - this is for you! Also, if you're curious about matt lipsticks, and worried about dry lips.

Pick it up here:

eBay - 8.69$ (free shipping)
RoseRoseShop - 8$

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