The Innisfree Black Green Tea mask marries two loves of my life - tea and Korean skincare - into a beautifully moisturising union. Let'...

Innisfree Black Green Tea Mask REVIEW [Korean Skincare]

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Unknown 5 Comments

The Innisfree Black Green Tea mask marries two loves of my life - tea and Korean skincare - into a beautifully moisturising union. Let's listen to their story...

Tea has been my bestest friend since I was tiny - in my country (Lithuania) tea is the very first remedy for pretty much everything. We have herbs on top of herbs everywhere, and it's not unusual to hear someone sipping on nettle leaf or tillia blossom tea (like me).

Green tea, albeit not native to my country, is also hugely popular and my personal favourite way to ingest caffeeine and also relax. Nothing comes quite close to the relaxing, soothing sensation I get when I sit down with a teapot of my favourite green tea and meditate.

Korea prides itself on their Jeju green teas - can't walk 10 metres in Seoul without coming across a tea shop with local teas on offer. As Innisfree is based in Jeju, it comes as no surprise they reached for yet another 'national treasure' - this time a fermented green tea that (according to them) is fermented for 100 days with no added chemicals, and provides heaps of benefits to the skin.

Green tea and black tea are actually the same plant - green tea are unprocessed leaves, and black tea are fermented leaves of the same plant! That's why the name Black Green-Tea amuses me a little - black tea already means the exact same thing they explain all over the packaging. But it sounds more luxurious :)

The packaging of this is quite lovely - rich dark brown plastic tub, made to reflect the colour of the fermented tea no doubt, with a beautiful golden leaf decoration - it looks both understated and very elegant. There's a plastic 'stopper' which doesn't really do much else than make a mess sliding around. I just suck it into the inside of the lid.

You get 80ml of the mask, and it's definitely a generous amount - I can easily cover my whole face in a thicker layer with barely one teaspoon of this.
The formula is slippery and gel-like, the mask is caramel/brownish in colour (exactly that of brewed black tea) with bits of tea leaves all throughout. There's an amazing scent to this mask - like you stuck your nose into a tin of fresh dry tea, but slightly sweeter. I love it!

This is a wash-off mask, meaning you slather it on after cleansing, leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash off completely. I find that often wash-off masks don't leave behind many benefits, but this mask is not one of those. This mask is love at first (smear) sight - and indeed a perfect couple!

My favourite way of using it is as an in-shower mask. I would get into the shower, wash my hair, cleanse my face and then apply this onto clean, warm, damp skin - and continue showering, washing it off just before getting out. This way my face is steamed to absorb more nutrients from the mask, I avoid making a mess, and it's just much more effective.

Regardless of the method of use, the mask leaves behind lovely results - my skin always feels a lot smoother and softer, with diminished redness and an overall 'well rested' look to the skin.
Although it might seem a little pricey at first - anywhere from 22-28$, I am all for splurging on this mask - the effects are definitely there, noticeably so, and they linger for the whole day, and paired with the wonderful scent the Innisfree Black Green Tea Mask is overall very therapeutic.

The ingredients for this are also very true to the description - read on CosDNA for the full list, but black tea extract actually stands at 55% of the whole list!

If you ever feel like doing a 'SPA at home' night for yourself, or love tea, or just in general want to take care of your skin - please try the Innisfree Black Green Tea Mask. Your skin will thank you!
For me this is a permanent 'repurchase' list inhabitant, because it's rare to find a wash-off mask that both smells amazing and actually does great things to my skin (for more than 5 minutes).

Overall rating - 10/10

Who will like this?
 If you enjoy wash-off masks, if you love tea and skincare - you'll adore this mask!

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  1. Thank you so much for this review! I had my eyes on this mask because of the scent and because I want to reduce my sheet mask consumption ;) I always have trouble with redness in summer so this sounds perfect!

    1. You're most welcome ;) this mask certainly surprised me since I didn't expect much, but it's wonderful! I would say it's even better at soothing than Inni's discontinued Yuzu Citrus mask (I miss it....)

  2. Amazing photos :) I like this brand - especially green tea serum, but I've never tried this mask, after your review I want to try it :)

    1. Aw, thank you!!
      This mask is definitely a great option to try - it's one of my favourite wash-off masks!

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