Oh wow - April sped by insanely fast! What better way to celebrate that than with a March unboxing? :) Jump in to look through the goodies...

Etude House March Pink Bird Unboxing & Soon Jung Skincare First Impressions [K-beauty] REPOST

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Oh wow - April sped by insanely fast! What better way to celebrate that than with a March unboxing? :) Jump in to look through the goodies we received from Etude House...

Etude House had a very exciting release last month - the Dear Darling Glass Tinting Lips Talk lipsticks with removable/changeable cases!
I was so excited to see whether we'd receive some of them...did we?

Why yes, we did! We all received 3 different shades and 3 different cases for the lippies - there are over 20 cases available so you can customise the devil out of these!

I will be posting a review separately - so stay tuned for lovely swatches and all the detail you could possibly ask for!

The other highlight is their new skincare line for sensitive/balanced skin - Soon Jung pH neutral line.
Basically, everything in this line is meant to be as 5.5 pH neutral (and thus non-irritating) as possible.

We only received a trial kit, so you're getting a first impression and not a full review - but this was enough to figure out whether or not the Soon Jung skincare line has potential...

So, our little sample kit contained the Relief Toner & Emulsion, Barrier Intensive Cream and Panthenoside Cica Balm - everything you need for a basic skincare routine.

This is what Etude has to say about the Soon Jung line:

"Contains panthenol that soothes the stimulated skin and madecassoside that cares the skin damage.
The shea butter and oil complex care the balance of oil and moisture, maintaining the elastic and moist condition.
The low pH similar to the pH of the skin cares the skin healthily."

I used this trial kit for nearly 2 weeks in the mornings, and here are my quick impressions:

Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner:
No scent, very unobtrusive and generally non irritant - I think this is a great basic toner to prep your skin and introduce the first layer of moisture.
It's not in any way remarkable - as in, you skin won't shout from rooftops how much it's changed. However, for sensitive skin gals, this is a great option if you want a basic starter for a routine.

Soon Jung pH 5.5 10-free Moist Emulsion:
Again, there is no scent and it did not irritate my skin what-so-ever. I actually enjoyed this emulsion, as it seemed to provide a great deal of moisture to my skin without the need of a serum to follow - right on!

Soon Jung pH 5.5 Barrier Intensive Cream:
This would be perfect for winter months, and is brilliant for those of us with very dry skin - it's certainly intensive and deeply moisturising, and I felt it protected my skin against the harsh London winds quite well.

Soon Jung pH 5.5 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm:
Okay - this one actually impressed me! Again, something for those who live in windy conditions, cold temperatures and/or deal with dry skin. The Cica Balm is intensely moisturising and soothing, and provides a smooth finish to the routine.
I tried the set without the balm, and certainly saw an improvement once I introduced it into the routine - if you're going to try 1 thing from the Soon Jung line, I suggest it'd be this Cica Balm!

There we go - my first 'first impressions' for you ^_^

And now for spoiler alert!..

Tomorrow don't forget to tune in for my review of the Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk lipstick & case review - you won't want to miss this one, as you might just find a dupe for some very high-end lippies!

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