Who doesn't love customizing their makeup? Etude House allows you to take charge of your makeup with their Glass Tinting Lipsticks &am...

Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk Lipstick REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Who doesn't love customizing their makeup? Etude House allows you to take charge of your makeup with their Glass Tinting Lipsticks & Changeable Cases...

There are few things that get beauty addicts squealing with joy as much as adorable packaging - show a bear-shaped eye stick, and you'll have screaming people clawing at you trying to get at it.
Well, I might be exaggerating just a touch..but there's no denying that adorable packaging is one of the main driving forces behind the rise of K-beauty in the West.

Etude House really took that to mind when they went to the table to design the Glass Tinting Lips Talk lipsticks - instead of a predetermined packaging, you are in charge of what case your lippie is housed in.
Call me crazy, but I question why this isn't a more popular concept - you get a refil of a lipstick and just whack it into a case you love!

The lippies come 'naked' as above - just a refil with a clear plastic lid. The lid itself is sturdy, and if you wanted to, you could just carry it around like that (with the exception that the bottom bit twists really easily..)

You then have the opportunity to go wild and pick the case of your dreams...

Of which there are 20! Shapes, colours, scribbles, themes - pretty much everything you could want at your finger tips (and lips).

I received 3 cases - the flamingo one is their 'featured' case, and two others: a ketchup one, and a 'Bitter sweet' pink/chrome one. Honestly, these are quirky and adorable while serving a purpose - I'm definitely on board with this concept!

Now for the Lipstick Insertion 101 (boy does that sound wrong...)

It's pretty straightforward - you take the tube you want, and open the case. Then you put the lipstick tube into the case and press it a little. Do NOT twist while the plastic cap is still on (something I learnt the hard way), instead remove it gently by pulling.
Put a lid on - et voila! You have your very own customized lippie! The tubes are easily removed if you want to swap cases, so don't throw those plastic lids away unless you're positively sure you won't be needing them.

As for the colours I got, and how I matched them - we all received the shade PK003 Romantic Frill Pink as it's the featured shade (it went into the flamingo case, btw - see the little 'bite' on the middle lipstick? that's what happens when you twist..)
I received the RD002 Swag Red, and shoved it into the ketchup case, and BR002 Bohemian Rosy Brown, which found home in the Bitter Sweet case - all in all, I think the shades match the cases quite excellently! Though, as someone allergic to tomatoes, I'd rather not have that reminder every time I apply a lipstick...

The colours and formula are quite interesting - this is meant to be a tinting glossy lipstick (a dead-on dupe for recent releases from Dior & YSL if you ask me), so I didn't expect the pigmentation to be very strong. However, as you see in the above (single swipe) swatches, it's very decent indeed! Aside from the pink shade, which tends to go on a little patchy, the other two are pigmented and smooth.

The lippies wear off quite quickly, but leave a lovely hint of colour - after all, it's a Glass Tinting Lipstick, so you're not expecting it to last more than an hour or two. I do like that they are super easy to apply, and moisturising, meaning I can relax on the go and just swipe this on whenever I need.
And unlike the high-end brands, this costs ~7$, so even if you use it up quickly, it won't cost an arm and a leg to replace!

There you have it people - DIY your makeup stash and personalize to your heart's desire with Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk lipsticks!
Honestly, with all the shade/case options they have, I can't not recommend them - you're bound to find something you love!

As always, you'll find these on Etude's website, and in their shops! In my case, there are a couple cases that I have my eye on, and those purple shades are calling my name, so I'll be re-purchasing soon!

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