Morning makeup just got a whole lot easier with the Innisfree Eye Contouring Stick Edge - swipe, pat and go!

Innisfree Eye Contouring Stick Edge 01 Sour Strawberry REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

Monday, March 27, 2017 Unknown 2 Comments

Morning makeup just got a whole lot easier with the Innisfree Eye Contouring Stick Edge - swipe, pat and go!

In the past couple of moths I pretty much abandoned elaborate makeup in favour of either no makeup at all, or a 'fresh-face' no-makeup look.
Why? Not because I stopped loving elaborate makeup - because I have little time in the mornings, and I usually do my makeup on the train. Try drawing a dramatic cat-eye while being elbowed by a stranger on a bouncing train..I dare you!

I was really interested to see Innisfree release what looked like shading sticks for eyes - 5 different 'chocolate' shades of beige/browns ranging from pinks, to warm tones, light to dark.
I decided to start with one shade and see if it's worth jumping the gun for - and the 01 Sour Strawberry Chocolate looked quite perfect for my skin tone.

The packaging is very simple, as always with Innisfree - eggshell white plastic tube, with a brown cap that matches the shade of the contouring stick. Simple, sturdy and to-the-point - honestly, I really appreciate simplicity in makeup packaging when it means that you really don't need and bangs and whistles to present a great product.

There are two types of the Innisfree Eye Contouring Stick - Round and Edge. Round one looks like a regular eyeliner pencil, while the Edge type (seen above) is a rectangle.
Quite an unusual shape, but I find it exceptionally great for the eyes - sideways you can get a narrow line that you can use as eyeliner, or on the lower-lid. While using it straight will pretty much cover your entire eyelid in 2 swipes!
My only gripe is that I can see that this Eye Contouring Stick will lose that rectangle shape as it wears down.

The colour is most interesting - a slightly pinkish beige with very fine golden flecks. Honestly, the shimmer is barely noticeable, and I only realised it was there on like 4th use.

In the above swatches, on the left, you see the two ways you can draw this - both 1 swipe each. On the right you see the same swatches after 5 hours and several hand washes - it's still very much there! Minus the shimmer, but the pigment is still very present.

On my eyes, as you can see (it's applied on the left, right eye is bare) it's barely noticeable - just a faint hint of shading, but still has a softer look. I absolutely love it - it looks really natural, but the eyes have more depth to them. Perfect for my beloved 'fresh-face' look!

Formula is also great - smooth, creamy and glides on easily. It isn't greasy or difficult to blend, and sets relatively quickly. It stays all day - as you saw on my hand swatches, the pigment really sticks. I appreciate this so much, because I can count on my face to look fresh and put-together all day long.

I love this - and I intend to pick up the remaining 4 shades because the versatility of this is endless.
Also, the several deep browns will be perfect for ladies that aren't transparent - I can easily see lovely chocoloate-y skin tones using the shades 4-5 for a natural look!

Do your mornings a favour and pick at least one of these up - you'll thank me ;)

Overall rating - 10/10

Who will like this?
 Anyone who has to deal with early-morning makeup, as well as anyone who's into that fresh-faced, natural makeup look.

Pick it up here:

Jolse$7.21 (free shipping)

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  1. I've never seen this product before but it looks amazing. Innisfree is one of my favourite brand but I've never tried any of their makeup products.

  2. It´s amazing! I have it too and love it :)