Let's look at the true star of the Etude House Wonder Fun Park collection - the gorgeous Dear Darling Soda Tints!

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint BL601 & PK001 REVIEW & Swatches [Pink Bird K-beauty]

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Let's look at the true star of the Etude House Wonder Fun Park collection - the gorgeous Dear Darling Soda Tints!

If you've been following my crazy ride here at Etude's Wonder Fun Park, you'll know that from throwing up churros over the terrible Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter and plucking my eyeballs out for the Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara in Swing Mint I have not been having the best of times with this spring collection.

This collection has my personality divided (into even more parts) because the packaging across the board is absolutely fantastic, but the products 9/10 times are really disappointing.

Thankfully, there was one item in my Pink Bird box that, in my opinion, is a huge win!
Continuing with my amusement park metaphors - this is the giant sparkling unicorn you win from that seedy-looking target throw stand, on your first try. And it totally (almost) makes up for the lost churros and sore eyeballs.

Let me start with one word of caution - the Dear Darling Soda Tint is not a straight-up lip tint like we're used to. This is very much a lip gloss with some staining power, but not a water tint that dries down quickly.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get right into the unicorn - BL601 shade that's basically like a magical potion in a bottle! It comes as a pale blue-base lilac shade with tons of golden shimmer embedded throughout, and looks very magical in the tube.

When in contact with body heat, the colour goes from lilac/translucent into a bright magenta pink. The colour isn't very strong, but definitely obvious.
This is one of the colour-adjusting lip glosses, but I don't think the colour itself varies across different people. The only thing I see actually changing is the intensity of the pink, based on how warm your lips are.

In the bellow swatch I tried to (and almost succeeded) capture the unicorn aspect of the Dear Darling Soda Tint in BL601 - you can see the blue-lilac tones, and the pink peeking through, as well s the golden shimmer.

This shade works wonderfully at brightening the face - with it on I feel like my entire face changes to look more awake, brighter and my eyes seem to sparkle. That could all very well be placebo effect, but I've had other people tell me that my face looks very 'fairy-like' with this on!

The formula for the BL601 shade is very much that of a gloss, rather than a tint - it's slippery, full of shimmer (you can sort of feel them when rubbing the lips together) and very glossy.
The tint, however really sticks around! After the gloss & shimmer is long gone, your lips will still have a beautiful lilac/pink tint to them for hours.

The other shade we received is the PK001 - a zesty cool-toned coral pink that's absolutely perfect for spring/summer.
This is a formula without any glitter, so you're getting a gloss, but no shimmer. Thus, I feel, this is closer to a tint than it is to a lipgloss (unlike the BL601 shade).
I'm a fan of this colour, it's really fun and brings a touch of summer-feeling to my face on gloomy days!

Although this shade is closer to a traditional tint in formula, the actual tint does not last as long as the BL601 shade - it does leave behind a lovely coral hint, but it wears off within 1-2 hours.
Curious indeed!

Together, these two glosses work beautifully to create a lovely gradient-lip look:

You can see the lilac-pink tones of the BL601 Unicorn gloss, and the coral-pink of the PK001 playing together beautifully. My advise to get that perfect gradient lip with these Dear Darling Soda Tint shades is to firs apply the lilac/shimmer gloss and then swipe some of the PK001 shade on the inner part of the lips.
Don't blend or anything - just press the lips together a couple times!

Overall, if there was one item from the Wonder Fun Park I would insist you pick up - it would be these Dear Darling Soda Tint lippies - there's a wide range of shades to chose from, and they're all spring/summer appropriate.
If you're into the whimsical / fairy makeup looks - definitely get the unicorn BL601 shade! And pair it with PK001 if you want to create a beautiful gradient lip, so beloved by Korean celebrities.

Overall rating
 - 10/10

Cons - not enough unicorns in the world

Who will like this? - love lip products? Want bright colours for spring/summer? Adore unicorns, fairies and magic? You'll find a friend in these!

You can find these at Etude House, online K-beauty retailers, and on eBay!

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