Ready for a splash in the water rides? Afraid that your makeup will run? Fear not - Etude House Curl Fix waterproof mascara in Swing Mint ...

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Curl Fix Mascara in Swing Mint REVIEW & SWATCHES [Pink Bird K-beauty]

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Ready for a splash in the water rides? Afraid that your makeup will run? Fear not - Etude House Curl Fix waterproof mascara in Swing Mint will stay on...

...and on, and on, and on. No matter how long you spend soaking in water.

If you've been following by journey as an Etude House Pink Bird, you'll know that February's box was Wonder Fun Park themed - and featured a couple of products from the adorable collection.
One of the products - the Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter - was a complete and utter dud, and not something I'd recommend for a day out in an amusement park.

Today I want to talk about a mascara that's definitely great for a day at an amusement park, especially if there are water rides, but is not so great if you want your eyes to stay inside your skull.

Let me just repeat myself for a moment - the packaging for the Wonder Fun Park collection is ridiculously adorable. There was clearly a lot of thought, effort and funding that went into the packaging in this collection (which is great, but one might argue that some of that should have gone towards the actual product formulas).

The Wonder Fun Park Curl Fix mascara comes in 2 shades - Pang Pang Purple and Swing Mint. Based on the colour of the mascara, the tube will coordinate (so for Swing Mint it's mint tube with purple lid, and for Pang Pang Purple it's purple tube with mint lid). I really enjoy this, and love how vivid and cute the mascara tube looks!

The Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix mascara is a lineup regular, with various shades coming out every now and then. This mascara is supposed to - curl lashes and keep that curl, and not to smudge.

Now, I used the original Lash Perm mascara years ago, and it was really nice, so I was happy that they updated the formula. Let's see it in action:

The Wonder Fun Park Curl Fix mascara in Swing Mint is a refreshing minty colour - it doesn't get muddy or dark as it sets! Which is really great for fun makeup looks, and I can see if you do cosplay this might come very much in handy!

On the left eye you see the mascara on its own - it coats the lashes well without clumping, even with 2 coats, and it makes the eyes look very whimsical and fairy-like. I wouldn't, however, advise using more than 2 coats as the mascara is a little thicker - so I see it potentially clumping with 3-4 coats.

On the right you see the Swing Mint on top of a regular black mascara. This is how I wore it both of the times I was wearing it out, because I prefer the definition that the black base gives my eyes. Also, in my opinion, the mint colour looks even more striking when on top of the black base - but that is absolutely a matter of opinion.

As for the formula, as mentioned above it's on the thicker side. It's not wet at all, and when just applied feels a little bit like frosting - kind of chunky and thick. Also, the colour straight out of the tube looks a tad lighter than after it sets, but that is a good thing - straight out of the tube this looks very pastel, and quite terrible on the lashes. After drying down it deepens slightly into that beautiful aqua mint shade.

The brush itself is quite standard - it has a gentle curve to help with curling the lashes, shorted bristles on the inner side, and longer on the outer side. The stopped works quite well - I don't feel the need to wipe much off after pulling the wand out of the tube, which means not much product gets wasted!

And the lasting power..oh good grief does this have lasting power - I wore it twice, plus for this demo & tutorial (that will come on Friday) and on each occasion I practically had to pull out my eyeballs to get this off.
This is waterproof. Like - water doesn't seem to exist for this mascara. Also, regular eye makeup removers have absolutely nothing on this - I spent goot 30 minutes trying to rub it off with both cleansing wipes and a cleansing balm. Nope - nothing, but sore eyes.
I went in with coconut oil and after another 15 minutes the mascara was somewhat off. I say somewhat because two days later there were still bits of mint on my lower lashes.

This is majorly impressive, and a giant inconvenience depending on your angle - if you need something that will stay on even when the heavens collapse then this is definitely for you. More likely - if you're doing photo shoots, going to all day events, pool, water park or anything that involves water - this will be your friend.

If, however, you have sensitive eyes, weak eyelashes or just like your eyes not to be sore and prefer not to spend an hour rubbing your eyes with all kinds of makeup removers - this is not for you.
I am very torn, because I can definitely see potential for this kind of lasting power..but why on a regular makeup product, I'm not sure...

Which brings me to my overall thoughts - this is hmmm... type of product for me. The colour of the mascara is beautiful and perfect for Spring (and if you're into cosplay), the formula does curl & fix, the packaging is adorable - all positive things. It doesn't smudge, and your eyeballs are more likely to come out before this comes off - which is a polarising thing. 
I wish I could wear this on a more daily basis - but the difficult removal really puts me off, because my skin is already sensitive, and I really don't want to put my eyes through that much rubbing on a daily basis.

Overall rating
 - Colour is a 10, formula is a hmm/10

Cons - You will remove your eyelashes before you remove the mascara.

Who will like this? - if you need your mascara stay on through apocalypse, you'll love it! Otherwise, if you're into colourful looks or cosplay - this might be a good friend.

You can find these at Etude House, online K-beauty retailers, and on eBay!

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