Who doesn't love a fun fair? Riding the carousel, stuffing your face with cotton candy and taking one more ride...

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter & Brush REVIEW [Pink Bird K-beauty]

Thursday, March 02, 2017 Unknown 2 Comments

Who doesn't love a fun fair? Riding the carousel, stuffing your face with cotton candy and taking one more ride...

...only to find yourself feeling a little nauseous and not at all that amused. Weird start to a beauty review - I know, but that's kind of how I feel about the new Etude House Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter.

This month's Pink Bird Box features some pieces from the Wonder Fun Park collection that Etude released some weeks ago. When I first saw it online, the Candy Highlighter was one of the items that got me squealing with excitement because how incredible it looked!

Let me get the good out of the way, before I dig into why this is a product you should skip.

The packaging is ridiculously adorable - from the box that looks like a candy store, to the pink/mint case with holographic lettering, it's all incredibly enticing and definitely swoon-worthy.

I really think Etude outdid themselves with the packaging on this collection, as it's incredibly fun and definitely represents a day at the fair! Let's take a look at the Candy Highlighter itself...

Look at those colours! Don't they look absolutely amazing?!
When I first saw it online I flipped out, this could be the next big 'rainbow' highlighter, you know. Not to mention that if those shades are as beautiful as they look in the pan, they could also work as eyeshadows!

Sadly...this is where my ride ends, and I begin searching for a bathroom to say goodbye to all that cotton candy...

Umm...Who sucked the joy out of this highlighter?!

Do you see the swatches above? Am I blind, or can you see those bright, fun colours that were in the pan? It's awful.

I tried swatching this with a brush, but who am I kidding - nothing came out! I'm serious - all I got is a couple pieces of glitter sitting on my skin, as if I forgot to remove my makeup couple days ago.

Then I took my finger and really put some pressure on it, and swiped across the palette - okay, there's something. That something is a pale streak of shimmer that does not look flattering at all. When I tried applying it to my face, it looked chalky and pale, and patchy.

This is not amusing what-so-ever - why make a highlighter look like it's going to be a magical unicorn throwing up on your face, but really all you get is just regular glitter throw-up...

I know I am being harsh, but this product is an utter and complete dud. Considering how good the packaging looks, it makes me think that a whole lot more thought *and money* went into the design than into the actual product & formula. 
Sad sigh..

Okay, now time to talk about the Candy Highlighter Brush...

This is made to go with the Candy Highlighter I just mentioned. It comes in a plastic sleeve with holographic back - really fun to twirl in sunlight!

As everything in the Wonderf Fun Park collection, the brush is beautifully coloured in pastel shades. I am really enjoying the colour scheme of this collection - it's not tacky or jarring, but more cute and 'festive' the way I'd imagine a summer fair to look like on its first day.

One great bit about this brush - it comes with a guard that keeps the bristles in shape! And it's not a flimsy film either, but a sturdy hard plastic shell that will serve for a long time, I'm sure!

The brush is quite standard - straight with a blunt cut top. The bristles are synthetic, and tri-coloured (which is gorgeous). I feel like the brush is quite well made, it doesn't shed even when tugging onto the bristles, and has nice weight to it.

I love how soft the Candy Highlighter brush is - not the softest brush I own, but certainly doesn't feel cheap at all. My only issue is that this is meant to be a highlighter brush, yet it's not tapered or thinned out - for highlighting, you want to be able to target particular areas, and that's not going to be helped by a flat-top brush!
It is not dense, so it doesn't pick up much product, but because it's a little floppy it can be difficult to get the product to distribute evenly.

There it is...probably the single most negative review I've ever written, which made me feel a little queasy, but I must tell the truth!

Overall, the only good thing about the Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter is the brush...Which clearly says something. Skip this one - I am quite sure this is not a matter of opinion or preference, the product just doesn't work!

Unless you're just getting it for the pretty. For that it's great - it's pretty! Sadly, nothing else..
Do get the brush though, if you're craving something colourful from the Wonder Fun Park collection.

Overall rating
 - 1/10 (highlighter) ; 8/10 (brush)

Cons - literally everything but the packaging for the highlighter. For the brush - it could be more tapered, and not as floppy.

Who will like this? - likely no one. If you want a colourful pretty - get the brush!

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  1. It really is a shame that it doesn't work at all :( I'm glad I didn't buy it! P.S. I saw that they have blush brush which is also in 3 shades

    1. I was so furious with this one...it's like finding a salted caramel chocolate candy and when you bite into it you find a chocolate coated brussels sprout -_-
      The blush brush seems to be a tad denser than the highlighter one, and should be more suitable for actual product application. I so wished they released a tri-coloured fan brush, both practical and gorgeous!