Luxurious cushion does not have to have a luxurious price tag - the budget-friendly A'pieu Wonder Tension Pact Moist filter-cushion wi...

A'pieu Wonder Tension Pact Moist REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

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Luxurious cushion does not have to have a luxurious price tag - the budget-friendly A'pieu Wonder Tension Pact Moist filter-cushion will bring a touch of grandeur to your makeup.

Who doesn't love the feeling of luxury?.. that's one of the main reasons people splash cash on designer items - the knowledge that you posses something exquisite. Oftentimes that also reflects in the superior quality of the item.

That rule, however, does not quite translate into beauty/skincare products - premium prices do not guarantee premium quality anymore (did they ever?), and most often you're paying for the name rather than the contents. That's one of the main reasons I have only twice in my life splurged on high end makeup - the benefit of being an Asian Beauty junkie for over a decade is the knowledge that quality does not have to cost an arm and a leg!

Which brings me to Korean beauty, and mainly A'pieu for the sake of this post - place where high quality usually comes at an affordable rate, so you can truly indulge your K-beauty obsession.
A'pieu has been rising to the top of 'quality far beyond the price tag' range of brands, as their offerings have been improving fast over the years to a point where you're paying 5-6$ for a truly superior formula.

Whilst their usual collections come in rather demure, simplistic packaging, they went all out with the Wonder Tension Pact filter-cushions. I was really floored by how luxurious and elegant the compact looks - black & gold always gives the vibe of the epitome of chic (that's the Moist version, the Cover version is in black & rose-gold, which is just as beautiful).

It's square, unlike majority of cushions out there (with exception of Giverny and Pony brands), but still has a round cushion 'refill' making it easy for you to snap in anything that fits.
And the lines are beautifully done - rounded edges and very minimalist decor really amps up the elegance of the compact. I am head over heels for this packaging!

Inside you'll find four pleasure points:

✔ Large mirror covered with a plastic film that you can oh-so-satisfyingly peel off
✔ A secure lid that literally snaps out and into place, so you know your product is safe
✔ The usual cushion freshness sticker that's just as satisfying to peel off as the mirror film
✔ Pristine eggshell-white cushion puff

Maybe it's just me, but all these make me so happy when I open a new cushion!
I also have to comment on that secure flip lid - it has three notches that really pop into place when you're closing the lid, and it gives me even more peace of mind that the foundation isn't going to dry out any time soon.

Also, this is one of the newly popular filter-cushions, which are different from a regular cushion by the fact that it's not a sponge saturated with product that you're dipping in, but rather a thick cream foundation under a filter net - very satisfying to squish as well.
The benefits are that you get more product, and it doesn't dry (presumably) as fast as a sponge would, but it's really a matter of personal preference I think.

I chose the shade 21, which is my usual pick unless there's a 13 (there isn't in this case). The shade turned out to be a perfect match, and I think it will suit most of us fair-skin gals!
That's my only grip with not just A'pieu, but most K-beauty companies - even in Korea there aren't just two skin tones! Catch up with the times already, and the popularity of K-beauty overseas, and start introducing wider range of shades so that everyone can fall in love with the Wonder Tension cushion!

In the half-face swatch bellow you see my 'morning' face, left side with the Wonder Tension Moist cushion, and the right side without. As you can see, I have redness, and dry patches, as well as light under-eye circles that need help, as well as overall tone-evening that is always welcome.

The formula on this cushion..oh man, let me gush about this beauty for a moment, okay?

When I first swatched it on my hand I was so confused - the off-white cushion puff looked like it picked up quite a bit of pigment, but on my hand I saw nothing but a little extra dewiness. Damn, I thought to myself, another dud.

Then I went on to apply this to my skin - and holy jeebus, I was shocked! My skin looked even, clear, perfect AND natural at the same time. On top of that, none of my dry areas were accentuated or even visible - the formula indeed lives up to the Moist claim.
This is not, however, high coverage - it will give you the most beautiful 'my skin but SO much better' look, but it will not conceal major woes (scars/acne). For that you should try the Cover version of the Wonder Tension cushion. Then again - I don't need that much coverage and I love the natural look, so I'm extremely happy with the Moist formula.

I had this on for work for several days in a row, and not once did my skin feel dry, or looked patchy or tired - from morning to night, I had a fresh face that looked like I had a kick-ass nap and super expensive skin treatments done. Bonus - the A'pieu Wonder Tension Moist cushion lasts all day without much fading or creasing. It's an overall skin bestie!

Did I mention that this product barely hits a 16$ price point? Yup - we're talking some serious bargain here!
Also, I think you might be wondering how it compares to my previously reviewed Missha The Original Tension Pact Intense Moisture filter-cushion, as after all, A'pieu and Missha are sister companies - I so much prefer the Wonder Tension Pact! It's more moisturising, lighter, and it looks much better on my skin - and it's more affordable, and the packaging is on a whole different level (of goodness)!

I can't help but recommend this to everyone who's looking for a moisturising, skin-perfect cushion that feels luxurious, but is affordable as hell! Also - love great packaging? You'll love this.
I honestly can't find a single fault in the A'pieu Wonder Tension Moist cushion - you shall be my best friend from here to eternity, or at least until A'pieu stops producing you (don't you dare!).

Overall rating - 10/10

Who will like this? - umm, everyone? Okay - combo to dry skin gals who love 'my skin but better' makeup! Oh, and who love the look of luxury and elegance.

Pick it up here:

Jolse$15.28 (free shipping)

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