We are the final stretch of the Pink Bird here on my blog - rounding it out is the new Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist in Vanilla.

Etude House Pink Bird: Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

Friday, February 10, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

We are the final stretch of the Pink Bird here on my blog - rounding it out is the new Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist in Vanilla.

As you might remember, I recently was graced with my first Etude House Pink Bird Box (click for a detailed unboxing. As such, I dedicated this week for reviews of the products I received - last Saturday we adored the glittery, zodiac-y goodness of Etude House Look At My Eyes Sparkling Milkyway eyeshadows (click for review), and on Tuesday you joined me in cheering for my new office morning best friend, the Etude House Any Cushion Color Corrector in Mint (click for review).

Today let's look at the final gem from Etude's January Pink Bird box - the Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist in Vanilla. 

This is the updated version of Etude's by now legendary Precious Mineral BB Cream that's been out for ages. I know many people swear by that stuff, but to me it was a little too powdery to suit my dry/flaky skin.

The updated formula, at least the one I have, says that it's a Beautifying Block Cream (the new BB), and that it's supposedly moisturising and suitable for drier skin types. Count me intrigued - I would love to be able to enjoy the Precious Mineral BB cream as much as others!

The BB cream comes in a squeeze-tube, with a nozzle, that makes it hygenic and easy to use. However, I know that previously the Precious Mineral BB cream had a pump-dispenser, and I would actually prefer that. 

The packaging is very simple - muted peachy pink background with gold text highlighting the BB Cream Moist, and black decorations & text. Quite chic, I must say - old packaging had pearlised finish, which had become somewhat synonymous with Precious Mineral BB cream, but could also be perceived as too 'princes-y'.

One quip I have with this - I squeezed the tube and discovered that you only get 3/4s of that whole tube! Not cool...

The shade I picked was Vanilla - both Vanilla & Petal were named as 'pink-base', and Vanilla was listed before Petal so I assumed it would be lighter. Look at the photo above - does it look pink based to you? Don't think so! It's quite yellow, and that made me worried because I'm very pale and pink (not unlike a naked lobster).

I heard from other Pink Birds (links on the side) that Petal is the actual pink-based pale shade, so that's a lesson learned for the future! Be aware of that though - don't make the same mistake as I did!

On the skin it's not as obviously yellow, but still quite visible...

Here you see my morning face - on the left side I layered the Any Cushion Color Corrector in Mint and the Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist, as Etude House suggests you do to get perfect skin, and on the right side it's just the BB cream on its own.

Do NOT layer, unless you have tolerance for heavy makeup! First of all, when layered, my skin was sooo dry and unhappy, and I could literally feel the makeup (which is a yucky feeling).
The non-layered side was less drying and unhappy, but it wasn't very friendly with flaky skin still - as it wore, it accentuated dry patches quite a bit.

On the positive side - this BB cream does look quite natural, and evens out my skin well, and it wore really well. I got solid 10 hours, without getting oily even when I didn't set it with powder!
I am waiting for the summer to use this, because I can definitely see potential for warmer days, when my skin will be a little happier with itself.

Overall, I am still not in love with the Precious Mineral BB Cream - it's not bad, and certainly not the worst base product I've tried, but it is still not perfect for drier skin. Not to mention that the shade is a little off, but that's my fault.

Overall rating
 - 7/10

Cons - Not the best option for dry/flaky skin / Feels a little heavy on the skin / Colour match is not accurate

Who will like this? - fans of the original Precious Mineral BB cream, those with combo skin.

You can find these at Etude House, online K-beauty retailers, and on eBay!

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