Why not match your eyeshadows to your star sign? Etude House helps you out in this with their Look At My Eyes Sparkling Milkyway collectio...

Etude House Pink Bird: Look At My Eyes Sparkling Milkyway Eyeshadow REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

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Why not match your eyeshadows to your star sign? Etude House helps you out in this with their Look At My Eyes Sparkling Milkyway collection..

If you've missed my blog update last week, I was recently chosen to be part of Etude House Pink Bird review program! Click into that post to see the full unboxing of my first Pink Bird box - photo heavy and very indulgent!

Ever since receiving the box, I've been test driving all the products they've sent and the Sparkling Milkyway eyeshadows are first to get written up, because they've required the least effort in terms of testing. Also - pretty & shiny, and Limited Edition, so I need to tell you about them while you still can get your hands on them!

If you look to your right, you'll find a blog-roll with my fellow Pink Birds! Click into their blogs for reviews of their boxes, especially if you want to see more shades (mostly, we all received different ones)!

So, let's look at the two eyeshadows sent in my package - one of them is an homage to my star sign - Scorpio - and the other one is there for variety, I'm assuming.
The shades I received are BR428 Romanticist Cancer & BL606 Femme Fatale Scorpio. Wow, I'm loving the names already  ^_^ as a Scorpio, I find that pretty much anywhere you read the sign is always described as 'femme fatale'. Which, don't get my wrong, I enjoy hearing! I'm just not that into astrology, at least not seriously.

There are 12 shades in total, they're all named after the star signs, and feature pretty constellation design on the lid - if you blast these with daylight, they will actually glow in the dark! Nothing that my camera can pick up, but a cute bonus design point for sure.

Let's take a closer look to the BL606 Femme Fatale Scorpio shade - yes, because it's my sign, I'm putting it first! No judgement..
Look at the pretty - I love the navy sparkling blue, it reminds me sooo much of the nights' sky! Etude describes the BL606 shade as 'navy like galaxy with blue and green pearl' - by pearl I'm assuming they're talking about the shimmer here, also, my impression of it being representative of the nights' sky was apparently dead-on right!
This is a shade that many might be wary of - edgy and dark, and can definitely look intimidating for those not used to more intense colours. I'm all about that edge though, so no complaints here!

The other shade I received is BR428 Romanticist Cancer - a warm caramel brown with glitter. Etude describes it as 'cocoa brown with fine pink pearl' - again, very accurate description of the shade.
This one is kind of the exact opposite of the BL606 shade - warm & light, and very neutral.

This is a shade that, I feel, will appeal to a much wider audience - as a warm neutral shade it's easy to use everyday on its own, or incorporate into already existing looks. I don't have many neutrals, especially browns in my collection, so I am quite happy with receiving this shade! If it were me, I'd go for purples...but I have so many of them already XD

Let's dig into the actual swatches and talk about the shiny...

I heard from fellow Pink Birds that some of the shades they received were mostly just glitter - like the OR206 Passionate Aries shade - so I was a little wary of the shadows at first. Also, being a very long admirer of Etude House (you can find my our history in my unboxing post), I already have quite a few of the Look At My Eyes shadows, and I have found that the more sparkly ones are often a little worse in quality.

I was extremely delighted when I got my fingertips into the shadows - they feel smooth, soft and have very good pigmentation. In the swatches above you're seeing one swipe with a finger - no primer, no layering!
I will say that there is a trick to using Etude House eyeshadows successfully - use fingers to deposit the actual colour, and perhaps then blend out with a brush. This goes to most eyeshadows actually, using fingers provides more solid pigmentation, and doesn't produce fallout.

BR428 shade, left, is much warmer than it looks in the pan - it's much more caramel than it is cocoa brown. I like that it's not loaded with glitter, and instead has a shimmery satin finish. I find this applies very easily, and is very pigmented, so if you're just shading I'd be light-handed.

BL606 shade looks just as stunning as it does in the pan, and, thankfully, the blue does actually show up! I have another similar shade from Etude, from years ago, and that one looks really pretty, but when applying you mostly get the black/sparkle base without much of the colour.

Not this one - solid pigmentation, smooth application (again, use fingers). This is indeed a much tougher to pull off shade - if you're not into darker, edgy looks, this will work brilliantly to smoke out an evening makeup look, or as a soft eyeliner for a slight twist for everyday looks.
I love using this one as a single all-over shadow. I find it has just the right amount of sparkle not to look too dark for everyday, and it goes beautifully with my pale skin.

As far as the lasting power - these shadows are much better than the sparkly Look At My Eyes shadows I have, they don't flake off, or crease much even without a primer. Also, I used them both for shading, and on their own, and I found that they hold up well - 9 hours later, after work, my eyes looked like they could still take me to a party, and home, without looking like a patchy, creased mess!

I'm quite a fan of both the shades I received, and the updated formula of the Look At My Eyes eyeshadows - for such an affordable shadow, these can't get much better! I've actually picked up another shade from the Sparkling Milkyway collection, before I knew I was a Pink Bird, but sadly..it died on its way to me T_T

I would definitely suggest you look into this Limited Edition - there is a variety of interesting shades that would make a nice addition to any makeup junkie's collection. And the star sign match is just a nifty bonus!

Don't forget to check out my fellow Pink Birds - click into the blogs on the right side! And if you're up for a video review, Marie does it beautifully here:

Overall rating - 9/10

Cons - the brown could be a little more cocoa/less caramel, but this is just the preference of a pale person!

Who will like this? - Want to match your zodiac to your makeup? Love Korean beauty? Love affordable good-quality shadows? Yup - that's you!

You can find these at Etude House, also on eBay!

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***DISCLAIMER: The product(s) was sent to me by Etude House for an honest review. I am not paid for, or in any way obliged to, give it a positive review. All the opinions are 100% honest and mine.***

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  1. Really nice review, Kathy! ♥ I really liked the brown eyeshadow too and I think the blue one looks really stunning because of the huge amount of glitter in it *-* I'm not a huge fan of blue eyeshadow but this one is too pretty!

    Mindy ♥