You'll never be quite as shiny as Tamatoa from Moana, but you can always try with Missha's Crystal Pigments!

Missha Crystal Pigment WH01 Holi Star REVIEW & SWATCHES [Korean makeup]

Friday, January 27, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

You'll never be quite as shiny as Tamatoa from Moana, but you can always try with Missha's Crystal Pigments!

Okay, quick confession - I absolutely adore Moana! It's up there in the top 3 of all-time best Disney movies! And one song that I just can't stop singing, and quoting in real life, is the brilliant piece by Tamatoa, the extra-shiny evil crab (who's not at all drab)...Shiny!

Whenever I use the Missha Crystal Pigment I immediately find myself lapsing into a verse of Shiny...I won't hide that - I can't. It's so shiny!

Okay, seriously - this little product came out for the Holidays, and was one of the more exciting pieces of Holiday editions that I picked through. Espoir, a more high-street Korean beauty brand, has these loose pigments that look absolutely stunning on - almost wet-looking. I was really hoping that the Crystal Pigments by Missha would be a good dupe, or at least somewhere in the neighborhood...

...and while it wasn't quite a dupe, it's certainly in the neighborhood of sinful sparkle that's an absolute must if you want your eyes to glisten! One little problem though..

..the applicator/bottle are awful! Why did they think that a sponge-tip applicator would be at all useful for these pigments? It barely picks up anything, and really just flings it all over the face. I only use it to get the product out on the back of my hand, and then go in with my fingers to really make use of the sparkle.

The shade I have, WH01, is absolutely gorgeous crystal white sparkle - it reminds me of frost glistening in the moonlight! I tried photographing it, but my camera refused to focus well, but you can still see just how beautiful the sparkling pigment is!

Now, mind you, this is not an actual 'pigment' - there is no colour here, just loose shimmer. It's absolutely fine to use on its own, but it won't provide any sort of coverage, just a touch of sparkle. I actually love it that way - for cold wintry days, with just mascara to top it off, and a red lip - something very Snow White-ish about that look!

Also, this is absolutely brilliant as a top-coat for other shadows - whenever you want to amp up the glam, just pat this on and your eyes will positively dazzle!

This is a Limited Edition product - so do snap it up while it's still available, because I can't guarantee it will be added as a permanent item (unlikely)!
I won't ever run out of it, but if I were to I would certainly repurchase. Seeing how beautiful this Missha Crystal Pigment is, I now really want to try the Espoir pigments...someone please, take my wallet away from me!!

Overall rating - 9/10

Cons - absolutely useless applicator!

Who will like this? - Do you love everything that glitters? Shimmer? Want to create dazzling makeup looks? Yup - this is for you!

Pick it up here:

TesterKorea: $8.09 $12.11
RoseRoseShop: $9.10 

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