HUGE News - I'm an Etude House Pink Bird now! Jump in for my very first unboxing of the January Pink Bird package!

Etude House Pink Bird January Unboxing [K-beauty News]

Saturday, January 28, 2017 Unknown 1 Comments

HUGE News - I'm an Etude House Pink Bird now! Jump in for my very first unboxing of the January Pink Bird package!

Let me take you back to the past for moment. The year was 2007 when I firs got to know about Etude House, still just revamping their entire branding concept. There wasn't much to actually find out in English, I got my first glimpses through Korean dramas at the time.
Why did Etude catch my eye? They were going for this princess-y/50s pin-up aesthetics, and I just loved it!

Forward to 2008 - Etude House came out with their Peach Skin collection, and I finally managed to convince myself & my mum that I need to try it!
Then, 2009 rolled in with the Collagen Moistful line, that looked just irrestitible, so of course - I dug in!
2010 brought a new 'era' of technology, with LED being pretty much everywhere - including makeup, as Etude released their LUCIDarling makeup line (including the Fantastic Rouge lip glosses & lipsticks). It was also the year that saw 2ne1's Dara become the face of Etude!

Little by little, I got a few items from Etude. and then some more - the Moistfull Collagen cream & makeup balm, Peach Skin Pact & Pore Base, VIP Girl Dear Darling lipstick, Vitcara mascara, LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge both lipsticks & glosses,  and some other things (that I honestly don't remember). That was pretty much it - hook, line and sinker, I was a K-beauty convert!

I found this brilliant compilation of Etude's commercials up to 2011!

I remember the incredibly fun commercials with Jang Geun Seok & Go Ara, that just oozed quirky cuteness!  In 2009, the new Etude couple was Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho - and Etude went from the cute 50's pin-up style to more princess-y looks (as we have come to known it through the years).
After Dara became the face of Etude House, they seemed to really have honed in their branding - from then on things didn't change that much until last year.

To sum up - my K-beauty love wouldn't have happened if not for Etude! Well, at least not as early as it did. So, when I found out that I had been selected as one of their Pink Birds, I freaked out!! I mean, YAY! As a K-beauty blogger, this is a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to introduce you to some of their new releases every month, but also, as a devoted Etude House fan, this is just like a big hug from a brand I've been relying on for a decade!

The gorgeous pink box came wrapped in pink plastic - just as expected from Etude House. the box itself isn't the sturdiest, and it got a little squished in transit, but nothing got damaged! Opening it was like peering into a fantasy land for me, ten years flashed past my eyes as I saw that Cinderella-inspired logo. The booklet contained introduction to each of the products I received in the box.

Take it out to reveal...

An incredible bounty of Etude House goodies! Aside from the three products, they also included two very sweet gifts that will certainly come in handy.
Just in case you didn't realise - this will be VERY photo heavy!

First is a beautiful 100% face/hand towel - with gold hearts and Etude's current "Life is Sweet" motto embossed on the top side.

The towel feels lovely quality and really soft, I can't wait to add this to my face-cleansing routine!
Then, they also included a hand mirror..

Again, embossed with little gold hearts and Life is Sweet motto, the round hand mirror feels great quality, and comfortable to hold - not too big or too small where it would be awkward.
At this point I have enough hand mirrors to equip every one of my hand bags with! Not complaining..

Oooh yiss, that feeling of peeling off the plastic layer...
Now that the 'extras' are done, let's dive into the actual goodies up for reviews! As a Pink Bird, my duty is to review each product for you, and so shall be it - expect to see Etude quite often on my blog! Also, just a reminder - yes, I do love the brand, not because they're sending me free things, but because I think it's actually good. Not to mention everything above - me and Etude go waaay back, on my own accord!

First of the three goodies in this month's box - Any Cushion Color Corrector in Mint. There are 4 shades in total, each meant to help with correcting a skin-tone woe. Purely because I love purple, I really wanted the Lavender, however, I chose Mint because it's the most relevant in terms of its promised effect. I have redness in my face, regardless of what I use, it's just the way my skin is. Mint/green base is meant to counteract that, providing more even tone.

Then, as a buddy to the Any Cushion Color Corrector, is the new Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist. This time, the BB stands for Beautifying Block as it's supposed to be a little lighter than an actual BB cream, providing SPF protection with a tint (tinted moisturised, just better).
I picked shade Vanilla, but honestly, I think I should have gone with Petal..will see how it turns out!

Finally, an item that I've been personally lusting after for weeks now - Look At My Eyes Sparkling Milky Way eyeshadows! 

What's in the cute little bundle?! Eyeshadows!
They included two stunning shades, one of which I've been actually wanting to get - BR428 & BL606! I absolutely can't wait to test-drive these, and compare them to all the Look At My Eyes shadows that I already have. I heard there's a new formula in town...

Curious? Excited? Hyped? So am I! Let me know which of the three products you want to try the most, also comment bellow - what's your history with Etude House?! This post made me so nostalgic, I want to hear your stories!

For now, I leave you with all the photo eye-candy. Stay tuned for my very first review this week - and don't forget that Life is Sweet!

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  1. I received the brown eyeshadow as well and liked it ^-^ I'm excited to hear your opinion on the green base cushion! I couldn't decide which one to get, the green or pink one but ended up chosing the pink one haha~
    Your photos look very cute, I can't wait for the full reviews! ♥

    Mindy ♥