Time for a look at what's new in K-beauty and what I'm hauling to review for you!

K-beauty News - What I Plan to Haul & Review!

Sunday, January 15, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Time for a look at what's new in K-beauty and what I'm hauling to review for you!

This post is going to be a short one - I just want to share some really exciting goodies that are going to grace my blog in the next 2 months! This is just a sneak peek into my upcoming hauls, there will be much more goodies to look forward to.

I am pretty much equality excited about all of these beauties - my upcoming haul is going to be very makeup-heavy, but I think that's fair considering I've been hauling skincare in the previous months.

Missha has released a ridiculously adorable blush - Rolling Heart Soft Blusher - that people went nuts on my Instagram about, and so I've already picked it up and plan to review before Valentine's for you!

Missha's sister brand A'pieu also released something titillating - a sleek, smooth mother pucker Wonder Tension cushion pact. I picked the Moist gold version, as I'm trying to edge my bets with it actually being useful. It is gorgeous!

Labiotte has been on the rise - their Wine Lipstick & Lip Tints have been sweeping the beauty world for months now, especially since that EXO Lotto song exploded. For the Holidays they released 4 new shades of the Chateau Wine Lipstick (Fitting formula), basically 4 different nudes. I only picked one that looked like it might suit me, but the LE packaging is just stunning!
I also nabbed the Wine Sherbet Cleanser - mainly for the packaging, but will see how it performs.

Aritaum has been tempting me with the new Sating Lip Lacquers for months now - and finally, thanks to a sale, I gave in. Expect to see 3 different shades, and hold tight onto your purse!

Finally, I'm dipping my toes into the Donkey Milk craze - I better come out looking like the dazzling Cleopatra (not the mummified version, of course)! I do already love the SwissPure Pannacotta Gel Mask that has donkey milk, but have never tried anything that's primarily that. Fingers crossed!

Which of these excites you the most?? Let me know in the comments bellow!

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