Ready for a glittery explosion of awesomeness? Say hello to Bbia Glitter Pigment Shadow in M04 Mood Indigo!

Bbia Glitter Pigment Shadow M04 Mood Indigo REVIEW & SWATCHES [Korean Makeup]

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Ready for a glittery explosion of awesomeness? Say hello to Bbia Glitter Pigment Shadow in M04 Mood Indigo!

First of all - Happy New Year everyone! I hope you'll have a year that's full of warmth and happiness!
Also, since you're here - I wish you a year full of K-beauty! So let's dive into some glittery goodness...

This is the most polarising product I have ever used. On one hand - the eyeshadow / pigment is amazeballs. On the other hand...the packaging SUCKS so bad. So, let me get the bad out of the way, before I can get into the good...

This is honestly the worst way to package pigments that I've ever come across. I've had lose pigments, pressed pigments, and while loose pigments would always be a little more frustrating to use due to the fall-out, they were always packaged in an easily-accessible way that didn't require me to literally spill the contents out...

I have no clue who and why decided that this stupid bottle was appropriate packaging for the Bbia Glitter Pigment Shadows - it's not. In order to get to the shadow, you have to either spill it out on a table, or into the cap, resulting in a giant mess and a giant waste of product every time! See the above picture? This was me being very careful...

The Bbia Glitter Pigment Shadow is something I'd highly suggest re-potting, or maybe even try to press it somehow, because you will end up wanting to go on a killing spree after using this a couple times. 
There. is. so. much. spilled. pigment. everywhere!

It's good for artistic shots...

Okay, onto the good - this is probably the most unique colour I own, with a great formula to back it up! I freaked out when I saw the official swatches, because it looked absolutely magical - the smokey base offsets the metallic purple glitter creating an amazing duochrome look.
The swatch here is just one swipe - incredibly pigmented, and do you see the amazingness of the colour?! It's out of this world gorgeous!

The formula is actually smooth - don't let the chunkiness of the pigment fool you.

Once you get it on your finger (and it is the only way I suggest applying this, or with a wet sponge-tip), it behaves almost like a cream-to-powder shadow. There is a little fallout, as expected, but nothing too severe (if you use the suggested application method).
On top of that - it lasts forever! I haven't experienced any creasing even without a primer, and I've gone over 12 hours with this on.

I love wearing this as a single-shadow look, all over my eyelids. It creates a beautiful Gothic vibe, while looking incredibly magical. This also makes for a great accent colour to put in the outter V of the eyelid - perfect for pairing with pinks, greys and golds! If this was packaged better, I would reach for it pretty much on a daily basis!

The Bbia Glitter Pigment Shadow in Mood Indigo is an incredible shadow in itself, but housed in the world's worst packaging!
I can't stress this enough - yes, this is an amazeballs eyeshadow that I can't imagine my makeup life without, but the packaging is an absolute pain in the behind! If you get this, be prepared to re-pot it, or meditate before opening the bottle...

Overall rating - 8/10

Cons: WORST packaging ever - fix that and it's the best shadow ever!

Who will like this? - Anyone looking for an amazing duochrome glitter pigment with superb colour payoff (and who doesn't mind re-potting their pigments).

Pick it up here:

Jolse$6.36 (free shipping)

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