Spice up your K-beauty evening skincare routine with a pinch of A'pieu Fresh Mate Hydrating Basil Sleeping Mask!

A'pieu Fresh Mate Basil Sleeping Mask REVIEW [Korean Skincare]

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Spice up your K-beauty evening skincare routine with a pinch of A'pieu Fresh Mate Hydrating Basil Sleeping Mask!

To me, there is nothing quite uplifting like adding a sprinkle of fresh basil to your food - it lifts the flavours and transports you into the realm of deliciousness.. I was so hyped when I saw that A'pieu came out with a Basil face mask - when Jolse.com offered to send me products for review, this was the first item to land onto my list! There are 4 other kinds of sleeping masks from the Fresh Mate range - in case this isn't your cuppa.

Sadly...this does not smell like basil. WHY?! I was so disappointed when I sniffed it - don't get me wrong, it has a delightfully refreshing scent, but I was so excited about the basil scent...you will find me quietly sobbing every time I apply this. Where is my basil...

On a happier note - this is an adorably, and conveniently, packaged sleeping mask - a small squeeze tube in bright lime green colour, with vintage-looking font. I really like the look of this, it's playful without looking tacky. Plus, it's the perfect packaging for the formula...

...which is more liquid-y than most sleeping packs. It's a gel/cream mix that spreads extremely easily and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. The mask is quite light, and works perfectly as the final step in a full Korean skincare routine - locks things up and adds an extra boost, without being an overkill.

I like using this one both in the evenings and mornings, when I feel like my skin needs even more moisture (winter time is harsh for sensitive/dry skin). It wouldn't be enough to use as a stand-alone sleeping mask, like I sometimes do when I'm too tired to do the whole routine, but I have 4 others for that purpose, so no complaints here!

The formula contains various extracts meant for soothing and hydration - Basil seed, green tea, baobab and cotton extracts - and they're all high up on the ingredients' list. Basil (4th on the list) & baobab (10th on the list) extracts are meant for hydration, and green tea & cotton extracts (8th & 9th on the list) are used for their anti-inflammatory, soothing properties. I find the combination of these ingredients something I haven't seen before - especially the use of cotton extract - but it seems to be working well.

My skin definitely enjoys this Fresh Mate Sleeping Mask - after applying, it looks immediately calmer, and in the morning I always feel like I don't have to go very far to keep my skin well hydrated. I also really like that it's light enough to top off my full skincare routine without making my face a greasy mess!

This is a lovely little mask - very affordable (it's 2.5$ in Korea, so Jolse's price is quite inflated, but when you factor in the shipping it comes to about the same) and effective, and it will make a great addition to your skincare routine if what you're looking for is an extra boost of moisture, and to soothe the skin.
I really don't have anything to fault this mask for - other than it not having basil scent (which is a huge fault in my eyes, but not an actual con as far as skincare goes).
Love it!

Overall rating - 10/10

Who will like this? - Anyone looking for a very affordable sleeping mask that actually hydrates.

Pick it up here:

Jolse$6.36 for 50ml (free shipping)

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