Missha's 2016 F/W Via Venezia collection will have you looking the absolute belle of the ball!

Missha Via Venezia F/W2016 Collection REVIEW - Venetian Indigo & Chilli Mousse [K-beauty]

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Missha's 2016 F/W Via Venezia collection will have you looking the absolute belle of the ball!

You know by now that I troll the Korean online stores looking for bold colours and interesting concepts - I have so many makeup items that it really has to be something for me to go out of my way to purchase it.

I usually keep a watchful eye on Missha's seasonal releases, because they usually come up with beautiful themes - it was right on the mark this 2016 F/W season as well!
The theme is Via Venezia - a small collection inspired by the Venetian masquerade and the beautiful city of Venice itself.

I wanted to pick up everything, because the packaging is incredibly beautiful - on the palettes you have the silhouette of St Mark's Basilica, and on the lipsticks there's a man in a gondola. All that is embossed in gold tones upon clean white background. Gorgeous!

Both the shadow palettes and the new Rouge Bless You shades seem to be permanent additions, but the packaging is Limited Edition, so if you want it you need to grab it now!

Missha Via Venezia Review & Swatches, Velvet Art Shadow, Rouge Bless You, Venetian Indigo, Chilli Mousse

Alas, I am not made of money, so I really buckled down and picked out two items that looked like something I'd actually get a lot of wear out - the Velvet Art Shadow Palette in Venetian Indigo, and the Glam Art Rouge Bless You in RD05 Chilli Mousse.

Let's start with the Velvet Art Shadow palette in Venetian Indigo....

Missha Via Venezia Review & Swatches, Velvet Art Shadow, Venetian Indigo,

Isn't the packaging out of this world beautiful? I adore what Missha did with this - it's understated, yet chic and oh so gorgeous!

There were two shade combinations - Venetian Rose and Venetian Indigo. The Venetian Rose is a muted neutral quad with dusty rose tones, and the Venetian Indigo is a cooler milky-brown with a pop of midnight blue.

Missha Via Venezia Review & Swatches, Venetian Indigo, Velvet Art Shadow

Is it any wonder I picked this shade combination? Although I probably have it in separate shadows...I needed it! I love the pop of midnight blue, and the golden sparkles - it really reminds me of a Venetian mask. Plus, all four shades blend together into an elegant look that can be worn both in the office and on a night out.
I wore this palette, in the most straightforward way that's suggested on the box, to a job interview - and I got compliments on the look!

Now, this palette comes with one of those sponge tip applicators - but I would suggest only using it for the midnight blue - with all the other shadows your fingertips will do a much better job at applying them!
The shadows are very smooth and silky, with a good deal of pigment and without much fall out - quite the ideal combination. The glitter shade is less pigmented, but it's meant to be more of a top coat to enhance the look, rather as a full-on colour.

Missha Via Venezia Review & Swatches, Venetian Indigo

Here you have side-by-side swatches with a finger, and with the sponge applicator - no primer. With finger tips you're going to pick up a lot more of the pigment, whereas the sponge applicator really sheers out most of the shades, and makes them more patchy.

The suggested wear combination is to use the top left corner milk chocolate brown all over the lid, then shade the corners with the darkest brown. Use the shimmery antique gold as a top coat in the middle of the eyelid, and line with the midnight blue!
This comes together in minutes, and it's very day-time appropriate. For a more bold, sultry look I'd suggest upping the sparkle, and shading with the midnight blue.

Now for the Rouge Bless You in RD05 Chilli Mousse...

Missha Via Venezia Review & Swatches, Chilli Mousse, K-beauty, Missha lipstick

I can't get over how stunning the packaging for the Via Venezia collection is...I mean - look at it! So simple and luxurious at the same time. It makes me want to jump onto the next plane to Venice...

Missha brought in four new shades for this collection - all of which are now part of the permanent Rouge Bless You lineup. 
There's a pink PK05 Pink Candle, PP03 Rasberry Lover - a purple base, BR03 Brown Jelly and the RD05 Chilli Mousse. I like that they touched upon most of the currently-trendy shade groups, and I feel like all four shades are quite universally flattering, so there should be at least one to tickle you fancy. 

Mine was the RD05 Chilli Mousse - a gorgeous chilli/brick red shade that's sultry and very Autumnal.

Missha Via Venezia Review & Swatches, Chilli Mousse, K-beauty, Missha lipstick

The Rouge Bless You formula is not for the faint hearted - it's creamy, pigmented and long lasting, so you have to be cautious when applying. Thankfully, the wide teardrop shape of the lipstick bullet makes it quite easy to navigate the curve of your lips. Let's not forget the beautiful engraved lip detail - something that makes reapplying in public an eye-catching ordeal.

Missha Via Venezia Review & Swatches, Chilli Mouse, Missha lip swatch, K-beauty, Missha Lipstick

The RD05 Chilli Mousse shade is stunning - I can honestly say I have nothing like it in my (vast) collection of lipsticks! I feel that this is quite a 'grown up' shade - I really see this as the go-to shade for an office vixen, and a lady who can rule the world with a smile.

This is not, however, transfer proof while it's full-on, once the shine is blotted away, the tint will stick around on the lips without issues. I like it for days when you can't be bothered to check your makeup every 30 minutes.

Another wonderful aspect of the Missha Via Venezia collection is that all shades, both lipstick and eyeshadow palettes, go together. This Chilli Mousse shade looks gorgeous when paired with the Venetian Indigo pallete! I can also see all three other shades perfectly complementing either of the Velvet Art Shadow palettes.

Missha Via Venezia Review & Swatches, Venetian Indigo, Chilli Mousse, RD05, Missha lipstick, Missha eyeshadow

As I mentioned - the Via Venezia is a Limited Edition packaging, but permanent shades, kind of collection, for which I highly suggest trying to get the LE packaging! I'm not usually one to get sucked into the packaging, but this one is one of a kind!
Not to mention that the products are great, so it's a win-win situation!

I would love to know your dream destination - what city/country would you like to see as a makeup collection? Comment bellow!

Overall rating - 10/10

Who will like this? - anyone with appreciation for beautiful packaging, and in the market for great quality makeup for the price that won't drive your wallet mad!

Pick it up here:

Jolse [Velvet Art Shadow palette]: 15.98$ (free shipping)
Jolse [Rouge Bless You lipstick]: 14.38$ (free shipping)

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