Add Missha's The Original Tension Pact in Intense Moisture to your everyday makeup bag for a quick fix!

Missha The Original Tension Pact Intense Moisture REVIEW & SWATCHES [K-beauty]

Wednesday, November 09, 2016 Unknown 1 Comments

Add Missha's The Original Tension Pact in Intense Moisture to your everyday makeup bag for a quick fix!

Missha The Original Tension Pact, Intense moisture, cushion makeup, K-beauty

I swear, I try to control my need for...K-beauty everything! Missha made it particularly difficult this season with their multiple releases of new collections/revamped products/limited Editions.
I somehow managed to only pick up a few pieces in my Jolse haul (while drooling over the rest) and so far, the piece de resistance turned out to be The Original Tension Pact in Intense Moisture.

Missha The Original Tension Pact Review, Intense moisture, cushion makeup. K-beauty

I love cushions - they are super quick and hassle free, and I can pretty much do my makeup anywhere! Missha revamped an old formula/concept with their The Original Tension Pact - it's not quite the cushion you're familiar with.

Essentially, a cushion is made up of two components - a base product saturated sponge, and the special puff you apply it with. In The Original Tension Pact the game is different - Missha doesn't call it a cushion, and neither will I because it really isn't.

Missha The Original Tension Pact Review, Intense Moisture, cushion makeup, K-beauty

The Original Tension Pact is touted as the cushion's 'faster, creamier relative' (there's no way to not make it sound...wrong) - instead of a saturated sponge, you get a compact with a cream foundation/BB cream type of product that's hidden under a dense net.

The puff is also slightly different - Missha says it's denser than cushion puffs, resulting in less absorption of the product and more even application. I have to agree with that - I felt that one dip into the Tension Pact was enough for 2/3 of my face!

Missha The Original Tension Pact Review, cushion makeup, K-beauty

I have to say that The Original Tension Pact is really quite fascinating - the base product is creamy and rich, meaning it's not leaking all over the place even if you squish into it (and I have). The net sort of sticks to the product after your first use, allowing for a very even distribution onto the puff.

The type I picked up - Intense Moisture, is one of four different types - others are Natural Cover, Tone Up Glow and Perfect Cover. I am very curious about the Tone Up Glow formula, as it actually seems to be more moisturising than the Intense Moisture (ironically so).

I can't say that I prefer this over a cushion, or vice versa - they are indeed relatives, but not quite sisters. To me, the main difference between the Tension Pact and a cushion is the product - consistency wise it's a cream, and it lies somewhere between a foundation and a BB cream. It's slightly heavier and more 'makeup' like than a cushion, in my experience.

Missha The Original Tension Pact Review, Intense Moisture swatches, cushion makeup

I always go for the moisture type in all my base products, as I have dry/combo skin. Here it's no different - it said moisture, I picked it up! And while I do feel that while it's moisturising and flattering on the skin, it's not perfect.
In the hand swatch above you can see that the coverage is quite solid, but also you can notice slight dryness of my skin. This is not quite ideal for anyone with dry/combo skin as the last thing we want is to accentuate the woes!

If you don't prep your skin - especially if it's dehydrated (read my K-Beauty Starter Routine for tips on how to best care for your skin from within) - the Tension Pact will not be very forgiving. I found it accentuated the dryness, and settled around my nose that was rough at the time from all the sneezing.
It didn't look terrible, but my Mamonde Moisture Mask cushion, or the beloved SwissPure Glow Wear HD Cushion, never did this!

Missha The Original Tension Pact Review, cushion makeup, intense moisture, K-beauty, news

That being said, I love how it looks on my (happy) skin - it provides medium coverage and makes my skin look naturally flawless and bright. It also wears very comfortably and well throughout the day, without sliding around or fading. If it wasn't for the glitch with imperfect skin, I'd hail this as my favourite new K-beauty product for the season!

What makeup products (Asian beauty or not) are you lusting after this beautiful Autumn? Comment bellow!

Overall rating - 8/10

Cons - Doesn't work too well with dehydrated/unprepped skin

Who will like this? - someone who's looking for a new take on a cushion, or a quick makeup fix that provides both coverage and a natural finish!

Pick it up here:

Jolse: $21.58 (free shipping)
BBcosmetic: $23.81

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  1. Hi Kathy! I'm so happy to have found your blog while I was looking for reviews for this pact!. It's truly lovely!. Also, I really liked your review, now I know I have to make sure I prep my skin properly, as I'm indeed a dehydrated/combo type!. Could you post a picture of the box displaying the ingredient list? (I don't mind the hangul). I've struggled looking for it everywhere with no luck! (my skin is sensitive, so I can't make a purchase without looking at the ingredients first)
    Thanks so much! Kind regards from a new reader.