This lovely F/W season add a touch of colour and nourishment into your lips with Clio Tension Lip Oil Tint!

Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Oil Tint in Black Currant & Scarlet Pink [REVIEW & SWATCHES]

Monday, November 28, 2016 Unknown 2 Comments

This lovely F/W season add a touch of colour and nourishment into your lips with Clio Tension Lip Oil Tint!

I am a self-proclaimed lippie junkie, so nothing and nobody could keep me off of Clio's newest release - the Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Oil Tints (what a name). In my Jolse K-beauty haul I honestly wanted to grab at least 4 shades, but convinced myself that 2 was plenty!

The Tension Lip Oil Tint promises several things - first of to nourish and moisturise the lips thanks to the oil part of the product, then to provide pigmented 'liquid lipstick-like' coverage and a long-lasting tint.

The packaging is also quite amazing - heavy-duty sleek plastic with a beautiful contrast between the black and whatever-colour lippie that peeks through at the bottom. I love that the accents - like the Tension Lips logo on the cap, and the lipstick mark on the tube - correspond to the actual shade of the lippies!

Does it live up to those claims? Let's find out, shall we?...
BTW - I did not include lip swatches, as I found these to look quite different on different lips, you'll get 'true color' swatches on a white surface so you can judge the actual shade!

I went for two completely different shades - Black Currant, a vampy shade reminiscent of black currant juice; and Scarlet Pink - a bright, Barbie pink with just a touch of warmth to it. As always, I wanted to go with a traditional red, but my giant stash of red lippies intimidated me into picking a pink shade!
Let's talk about the formula that these two share, before jumping into each shade separately.

Yes, the Tension Lip Oil Tint is indeed an interesting hybrid between a recently-popular lip oil treatment and an old-favourite lip tint. The formula is liquid-y, slick, but pigmented. It goes on the lips relatively sheerly, but a second coat will make it look more like a liquid lipstick.

I like that the intensity of the colour can be easily controlled, and that no matter how many, or few, coats you apply, you'll still get the benefit of the nourishing oils. The oils in the formula do indeed hydrate quite well, and my lips are happy throughout the wear even on cold, windy Autumn days!

That being said, there is slight variation in the formula between the shades, so let us take a closer look...

The first shade that landed in my bag in seriously speed of light is the Black Currant - a gorgeous vampy shade that's absolutely all the rage this season! It reminds me of crushed black currants, and black cherries, and on the lips it can look anywhere from a cheeky hint of plum, to a full-on femme fatale black/red shade!

I love this, both shade and formula - it doesn't feather, the tint lasts forever and I love how easily I can control the intensity of the shade. Not to mention that it's moisturising and extremely comfortable to wear!

The other shade is quite a different story, though...

In quite a risque move I picked a bright pink shade Scarlet Pink - it's totally not my usual style, and honestly, it's not really my cup of tea still. I am learning to love the brightened look it gives me with a light coat, but there are issues with this particular shade!

First of all, this one is way more pigmented than the Black Currant - and I'm upset about it, because I'd hoped that it would be other way around, or at least consistent! I really loathe how K-beauty companies can't land on a consistent formula & pigmentation for their lippies...

Second, this sucker feathers! After about 2 hours of wear I find it creeping into the lines around my lips and I start looking like a clown. Not cool, Tension Lip Oil Tint in Scarlet Pink, not cool at all! Black Currant doesn't do this, then why do you?!

Finally, I feel that this one is less moisturising (probably due to the pigmentation) and starts feeling a little dry pretty soon after application. So...yup, me no likey! But I made my bed - I shall continue trying to learn to work with this one. So far the only thing that works is to apply a really light coat, instead of going full-on, as then it doesn't feather as much...

Le sigh...

As you can see, this is a very polarized review - on one hand we have a lovely shade & formula combo in the Black Currant, and then something potentially disastrous in the Scarlet Pink..

I'll definitely recommend the Black Currant though - it's amazing for this season, both colour-wise and for protecting your lips! As for the other warned that there are major inconsistencies across the board so maybe stick with reds...

Oh, why must you be like this, Tension Lips Oil Tint?! I wanted to love you...

Overall rating - 8/10

Cons - Major inconsistencies in the formula between the two shades

Who will like this? - A lippie addict like myself looking for a nice colour+lip care combo!

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  1. Thank you for the honest review! I was hoping Scarlet Pink would be as good if not better than Black Currant as it's totally my kind of shade but bummer it didn't quite work out. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thanks, I really wanted to get the inconsistencies in formula out there, it's ridiculous!
      I can't really recommend the Scarlet Pink in good conscience, but if you do want to try it it's possible it might behave differently on your lips...or at least use the sheerly. Then again - there are better lippies out there!