Another week - another lippy! Just in time for Halloween - bold and gorgeous PeriPera Peri's Ink Stick in Pretty Extraction.

Korean Makeup: PeriPera Peri's Ink Pongdang Stick in Pretty Extraction [REVIEW]

Friday, October 21, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Another week - another lippy! Just in time for Halloween - bold and gorgeous PeriPera Peri's Ink Stick in Pretty Extraction.

I do not have a problem. A girl totally needs 30 different lipsticks. It's justified...somehow!

I have a bad habit that I'm trying to kick - browsing Jolse's 'New Arrivals' section when I'm bored. That usually leads to overstuffed shopping bag and tears over what I don't need. The PeriPera Peri's Ink Pongdang Stick made the cut this time, as I was intrigued by the packaging, and in need of a bright pink lippy.

PeriPera generally has some of the brightest packaging/colour combos I've seen! It's always such a joy to see their releases, as I'm never bored.
Also, I really appreciate that they did not tone down their shades - bold and bright, it's right up my alley.

The packaging here is indeed unique - from the diagonal box to the lipstick tube itself. I can't quite place what this looks like, but it's a quirky packaging for sure.
It's plastic, and a tad childish (especially the clear lid), but not in a bad way - it's fun!

I feel that the handle, albeit strange to hold at first, it still very comfortable to apply the lipstick with. I also enjoy that the tube that houses the bullet is a matching colour to the lipstick itself - what you see is pretty much what you get!

I will say that although plastic, the lid snaps shut and feels sturdy. I even dropped it to see if it would not pop off - and it didn't! The lippy is very compact, and will surely find home in your everyday makeup bag.

Onto the shade I picked up - Pretty Extraction. I will admit that the name is a little...icky. I just have all sorts of wrong images in my head...oh well! From what I could tell, the other 4 shades had better names... 

PeriPera Peri's Ink Stick in Pretty Extraction is a gorgeous bright pink. It leans towards fuchsia, but isn't quite there - it's not barbie pink either. Blue based, it's very much the perfect pink for me! I don't think 'sweet' shades suit my style very much, so I was very happy with the playful bright pink that is Pretty Extraction.

The lipstick went on super smoothly and is incredibly pigmented - the lip swatch is one light coat! It is between a satin and a matt in finish - not glossy, but not flat either, and wears very comfortably.
The initial colour punch wears off after an hour or two, but the full-on tint stays on pretty much all day. If you eat oily foods - it will disappear quicker, but otherwise it doesn't even leave much residue on cups!

There is one minor drawback - the lipstick bleeds. If you use a lip liner, this is not an issue, but if you apply it straight from the bullet it will bleed into the lines around the mouth. And it doesn't take much time for it to happen - 40 minutes on, I looked at the mirror and saw clear lines where the lipstick was running away. Use a lip liner if you want a crisp, long lasting contour!

I like the PeriPera Peri's Ink Pongdang Stick lipstick a whole lot! Pretty Extraction is quite the perfect pink for me, and if prepped properly, the lippy will last for hours on end, without drying out the lips too much. It's a YaY! in my book.

Do you tend to wear bright shades only during Spring/Summer seasons, or is it a year-round thing for you (like me)?? Comment bellow!

Overall rating - 9/10
Cons: - The lipstick will bleed unless prepped with a lip liner

Will I repurchase it - Repurchase, no. But I am considering getting the red shade from this line..because I can't have too many reds!

Who will like this? - Love bright, fun colours? Long-lasting comfortable finish? Then you need these!

Pick it up here:

Jolse: - 8,23$ (Free shipping & samples)
eBay: - 10,43$ (free shipping)

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