Hands up - who here loves mermaids and sparkle? Me!

Korean Beauty: Aritaum Mono Eyes REVIEW & SWATCHES - Purple Jazz & Wannabe Cool

Monday, September 12, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Hands up - who here loves mermaids and sparkle? Me!

I am not saying that I got these Aritaum Mono Eyes Eyeshadows in #100 and #111 because they remind me of mermaids..or wait - I think I am!

Basically..I don't have a problem - I love shimmery shadows, and I love whimsical shades. So, I get everything that is shimmery..and whimsical..and I am proud of that!

Aritaum Mono Eyes eyeshadows are some of my all time favourite shadows - I try to collect all the interesting shades they have. Which isn't easy because they keep adding to the already over-100 of shades every season! Talk about a challenge...

From the past year of new shades, thankfully, only two screamed at me - I'm not a big fan of neutrals and pinks, and live for strange colours.
One thing I love is that when it comes to darker shades every single one of Aritaum's Mono Eyes shadows is kick-ass pigmented and smooth formula.

The lighter shades can be sheerer (as they're meant to be sometimes), and it's just not something I usually crave for.

I picked up the #100 Purple Jazz and #111 Wannabe Cool - a plum purple and steel blue shades.
Why? Because mermaids. And vampires. And ocean. And autumn. And a bunch of other things that these shades remind me of!

Mostly though because they're nothing like any of the shadows I already own! Isn't that lucky.
They have been very loved since their arrival - wonderful single-shadow colours for days when I have to do my makeup on the train.

Both of these shades are unique to me - I have not seen anything like them not just in Kbeauty but elsewhere.
And what's even better - the formula is amazing!

I strongly believe that Aritaum Mono Eyes shadows are comparable, if not superior, to brands like MAC and Urban Decay.
The pigmentation is always amazeballs, the shadows are smooth and buttery, they blend brilliantly and stay all day without issues.

#100 Purple Jazz is a wonderful plum purple with multicoloured glitter and an almost duochrome finish - depending on the light it will look more regular purple, or almost byzantium purple - it's really incredible.

The finish of this one is shimmer - as you can clearly see - but the shimmer doesn't flake off, and it's not gritty at all.
For the coming autumn this will be an absolute must-have! Wear it alone, define the corners with it, or just pop it on the lower lashline for a sneaky touch of colour - you can't go wrong with a shade like this.

#111 Wannabe Cool is a steel blue - I recently posted a FOTD on my Instagram with this shadow and people went crazy! And I totally understand - it's an amazing shade.
You're probably gasping in horror - blue eyeshadow?! Hang on a moment...

Yup - blue eyeshadow! Only this one is different. It's the most beautiful steel blue - literally, it's a very cool-toned blue - with a sheen. It's not sparkly, but more of a silky shine - it looks almost metallic on the lids.

I love this - it's an edgy, one-of-a-kind shade that can suit a myriad of different looks.
I wear it on its own, because it's stunning. But this would make an incredible liner - wet your brush, or use one of those 'liquid' drops - for something other than black.

I love Aritaum Mono Eyes eyeshadows - and these colours only made my passion stronger. This is one line of makeup products that I can recommend without a single exception - Mono Eyes shadows are some of the best out there!! 

Overall rating - 10/10

Will I repurchase it - Hopefully I won't run out, but it's still likely I'll get a back up at least for the #111 Wannabe Cool.
And I recommend it - not just these shades, but the entire Mono Eyes range - you are absolutely sure to find at least 1 shade that will suit you (likely 10).

Pick it up here:
IbuyBeauty - 4.95$
TesterKorea - 4.43$

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