A vital step of any Korean skincare routine is cleansing. Here's my review of the SkinFood Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Balm.

Korean Skincare: SkinFood Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Balm REVIEW

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A vital step of any Korean skincare routine is cleansing. Here's my review of the SkinFood Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Balm.

Let's get this out of the way first - this product was sent to me for review by Q-depot.com.
However, I am in no-way obliged to give a positive review, and I am not paid for this post. All the opinions are, as always, 100% honest and mine.

Q-depot.com is an online Korean cosmetics shop that carries a very wide range of brands - from the popular Etude House, SkinFood, The Face Shop, Missha & Laneige to the more niche brands such as Mizon, Leaders, SNP, Mediheal & The History of Whoo.
I had good experience dealing with their customer service, and they do carry a very wide range of products (many of which are not available anywhere else outside of Korea).

As you probably know already, Korean skincare routine has many steps - you can find routines that are anywhere from 4 to 10 steps! While I don't really subscribe to the theory that you need that many products on your face (you can find my suggestions for a Korean skincare routine for beginners here), I do follow the first two Korean skincare routine steps very carefully - cleansing.

Cleansing is the start of your skincare routine - remove all the leftovers of the day (or night) and create a clean slate for further treatment.
The typical Korean skincare routine will include a double-cleanse - that's oil cleanser followed up with a foam cleanser. I like this setup for removing makeup, but I don't think you need it in the morning, when your skin doesn't have so much to remove.

The SkinFood Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream is the first step of a double-cleanse - an oil based cleanser. It has a citrus-y, almost medicinal scent to it that is quite strong and does linger after washing it off.
By now I've used this for a little over a month - I wanted to make sure that my skin does not have a bad reaction to it (or of it did, I would be able to tell you about it).

The cream has the colour of caramel custard - pale beige. The consistency is very slippery and slick, less thick than a regular cream - it makes it very easy to massage onto the face. It doesn't come with a spatula - but I highly suggest using one (I have a million spatulas from various creams and potions over the years, but they're available really cheap on eBay). That way you're not contaminating the cream with your finger germs.

I use about a teaspoon of this for the entire face, a little bit more if my makeup is heavy. It's usually very effective in removing all the makeup, except very waterproof eyeliner - it does leave a little bit of residue.

The SkinFood Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream is certainly a great cleansing product, however - one of the main ingredients in this is Mineral Oil. I have been using this consistently for the past month, in order to test whether or not my skin would react to this (I have sensitive dry skin).

I did not experience any adverse reaction - my pores are not clogged, my skin doesn't react to the mineral oil at all. That being said, I always use a second (foam) cleanser to really take this off, but I do the same with all oil-based cleansers.

I know that Mineral Oil is a very polarising ingredient - cosmetic grade mineral oil is the most refined version (second only to pharmaceutical grade) that has not shown adverse effects. However, if you are cautious of this, or sensitive to it - be aware that it's one of the main ingredients!
SkinFood has another version of this cleanser - I have not tried it though.

Onto the actual cleansing demo - click on the images to make them larger!



You massage about a teaspoon of this onto you dry face (makeup and all), for about a minute or two, until most of the makeup has melted away.

Then you wet your hands and proceed to emulsify the cream - it will become a runny, milky texture.

Don't wash it off entirely just yet - emulsifying for about 1 minute while massaging is an essential step if you want to remove as much makeup as possible.

Finally, wash it off with lukewarm water - if you makeup wasn't waterproof, it will definitely be gone. Waterproof eyeliners/lip tints do tend to leave behind some residue, but that's where the 2nd step cleansing comes in.

In the last photo I used my beloved SwissPure Clear Cleansing Balm (click for review) to remove the rest of the makeup - and you can see that the red lip tint (Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in Shiraz Red) is a bit more faded than with the SkinFood Cleansing Cream.

To wrap things up - I do enjoy this cleanser. It takes of the makeup and doesn't dry out my skin (that's the mineral oil at work), and my skin has not reacted badly to this. The scent is too strong in my opinion, but once you've washed it off with a foam cleanser it's gone.

Overall rating - 7/10
Cons - Mineral Oil as the main ingredient can be deterring to people
Strong scent that lingers after cleansing
Does not completely remove waterproof makeup

Do I recommend this: Yes - if you are not sensitive to Mineral Oil. It is a good oil-based cleanser that removes 95% of the makeup.

Pick it up here:
Q-depot.com - 16,89$ (free shipping available for orders over 49$)

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***DISCLAIMER: The product has been sent for a review. However, I am not affiliated with any of the sellers/brands mentioned in the post and I am not obligated to provide a positive review. All the opinions are 100% honest and mine.***