I love me some peaches - this Fruits Punch Peach Sleeping Pack is my new fruity love!

REVIEW: The Saem Fruits Punch Sleeping Pack - Peach [Korean Skincare]

Friday, August 19, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

I love me some peaches - this Fruits Punch Peach Sleeping Pack is my new fruity love!

Peach is probably my favourite scent - fresh, juicy and oh so sweet. I love peaches as a fruit, sure, but when done right in skin care or makeup I simply can't resist.
I'm not kidding, I have everything from peeling gels, to lotions, lip balms, lipsticks and now a sleeping pack! It's like fruity heaven...

Umm..pardon the drool..where was I?

Right! The Saem Fruits Punch Sleeping Pack in Peach - a new release for the summer season that's very apropos. There are two other 'flavours' - Banana and Apple - your kind Kbeauty blogger is going to review them all..I do this for you guys! No, really! Not because I love smelling fruity things...

I grabbed the peach version because, well, it's peach. And it had some good ingredients going, 100ml for only 10$  - in my eyes that was a must-have.

The packaging is adorkable - it looks like a yogurt pack, even has the little folded corner detail! It's plastic, of course, and very pliable - which is good because it's a squeezy tube.
I love this packaging because it's hygienic - no dipping your fingers into the product repeatedly, or having to expose it to air. 

It's really easy to squeeze out, and you have a lot of control. I usually go for about 2cm size dollop - it's enough for the whole face and neck!

The Fruits Punch Peach Sleeping Pack has a gel consistency, with slightly yellowish colour (like the flesh of a white peach). It spreads really easy, and sinks in rather quickly (on a well-moisturised face it takes about a minute for it to sink in).

There's no sticky or greasy residue - just a fresh, plump sensation (that makes your face smell like a juicy peach). I love this, and I use it both as a sleeping pack, and sometimes as a day cream if my skin is feeling thirsty.

...I will admit that on multiple occasions, after having applied this, I went up to my SO and demanded that he'd smell my face...

The ingredients' list is wonderful - honey, shea butter, peach, licorice extracts (as well as a bunch of other floral extracts) play a major role, so you're not falling for 'cute packaging, lousy product' scheme!
I checked this out in CosDNA as well - other than two very minor irritants at the end (Phenoxyethanol and Fragrance, bottom of the list) - it's all very good!

My skin feels much softer and more moisturised whenever I use the Fruits Punch Peach Sleeping Pack, and I wake up with quite calm skin - no redness or random dry patches.

I feel that this makes the perfect 'top coat' to whatever evening routine you have - be it just a sheet mask, or a full-on routine, the Peach Sleeping Pack is a wonderful finishing touch that will seal in the products and provide extra goodness while you have unicorn dreams.

It won't change your life - this is only meant to brighten and moisturise - but it does deliver every bit of what's promised! And it smells like peaches, did I mention that?
Overall, this sleeping pack is not at all inferior to the likes of Laneige - the moisturising effect is pretty equal, and The Saem Fruits Punch Sleeping Pack brightens as well - it will only cost you a lot less.

I love this - and, like I said, I'm getting the other two 'flavours' to test as well. 

Comment bellow - what scents/themes of products are irresistible to you?

Overall rating - 10/10

Repurchase: Very likely, once I run out of it. And I certainly recommend you give it a go.

Pick it up here:

 - 10.54$ (free shipping)
eBay (cosmetic-love) - 11.18$ (free shipping)

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