I cannot contain my excitement - Minions makeup! Let's look at the Magic Moisture Cushion and Cushion Lip Crayon in Dave...

Missha X Minions Makeup Collection - Magic Cushion Moisture [Stuart] & Cushion Lip Crayon [Dave]

Monday, August 08, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

I cannot contain my excitement - Minions makeup! Let's look at the Magic Moisture Cushion and Cushion Lip Crayon in Dave...

I won't hold back here - I am super freaking psyched about this particular Limited Edition - Missha X Minions is probably the one collection which I did not hesitate for a second to get my hands on!

I did not, however, go crazy and get everything. Somehow I managed to restrain myself and only get the cushion and lip crayon (as well as the cold cup). How? Let me explain...

So, when I saw this collection I freaked - Minions are beloved characters, put them together with Kbeauty and you have an irresistible item. I saw there were two eyeshadow palettes, and at first I had high hopes - only to be quite let down when I saw the shades.

Photo courtesy of missha.beautynet.co.kr
The palettes are both neutral quads. Which is just such a disappointment, because Minions ought to be represented with bright, bold shades. I really did expect a blue/yellow combo, or at least something slightly more colourful than what they put together.

Then came the Flower Bouquet face washes - I did consider getting one, but I currently have 3 facial cleansing foams and simply could not justify getting yet another one (just yet).

Photo courtesy of missha.beautynet.co.kr

And now for the Magic Cushions - there are two different kinds.
Unimpressed Stuart is the Moisture type, and Happy Dave is the Cover type.

By a stroke of luck both the packaging and the formula that I wanted came together!
Stuart is the Moisture kind - I really like that formula, and the packaging for Stuart is just ridiculously cute (and funny).

Obviously, I got it! I mean, look at that face!

I also picked up the Cushion Lip Crayon in Dave [RD01] - a cool-toned cherry red that's an absolute bomb! I got the same shade for my sister, to share a bit of the Minion love.

The cold cup, that was a special offer when you bought any of the Minions makeup, is just the proverbial cherry on top - it's adorable, not spill-proof, but sturdy and comfortable to drink from. Oh, who am I kidding?! Minions!!
Now, please excuse me, but I do fully intend to cover my blog with Minions this week.

The review of Magic Cushion Moisture [Stuart] will come out tomorrow, and the Cushion Lip Crayon [Dave] will follow on Thursday. Want to dip your toes in earlier? Follow me on Instagram for mini-reviews!

Minions Kbeauty haul

Don't forget that you can get your hands on these too! Both Jolse.com and BBcosmetic.com have the full collection (including the cold cup).

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