Let's talk colour - Missha Calary Girl eyeliner is the perfect 'pop' to your everyday looks!

Missha x Calary Girl Real Proof Color Fix Liner - Blue Halterneck [REVIEW & SWATCHES]

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Let's talk colour - Missha Calary Girl eyeliner is the perfect 'pop' to your everyday looks!

Things I love the most - colour, sparkle, mermaids, K-beauty and the sea. See where I'm going? No?
Okay, let me make it easy - Missha x Calary Girl Real Proof Color Fix eyeliner!

The Calary Girl collection from Missha (a collaboration with a popular Korean beauty Youtuber) didn't have many things that made me scream YES! - except for this Blue Halterneck eyeliner.

I jumped at it when I saw the packaging, and it landed in my basket the second I saw the colour. Oh gosh is it pretty!

First, let's pause and admire the packaging. It's holographic pale blue with shells and starfish - 

I adore it to bits, and it's more perfect than I could even imagine to house such an amazing blue shade that is Blue Halterneck.
The box itself is that same holographic material, and it flashes freaking rainbows when you get the light right. Can you feel how excited I am about this? I'm about to throw up unicorns here...

All Missha's Color Fix Liners come with a long metallic handle - it gives great advantage when applying the eyeliner, as it allows for good grip so your hands aren't too shaky.

APPLICATION TIP: when applying eyeliner, rest your pinky finger on the top of the cheekbone - you will have much steadier hand!

Why is it named after a piece of clothing? No idea...I can see the relation between 'halterneck' and 'seaside' - but there could have been better names. Do I mind? NOPE!

The felt-tip applicator is super precise - you can draw a very thin line, or turn it slightly sideways to fill out an outline quickly. I feel like it gives amazing control to how you want the eyeliner to look.
Usually, eyeliners aren't my favourite to apply, because my eyeballs are large and applicators aren't precise enough.
This applicator makes eyeliner a breeze!

Okay, okay, I've rambled on enough - the colour!

Can you believe this blue? Click to enlarge - you will see the sparkle! This is one light swipe - it's really pigmented and vibrant!

 This is the most beautiful Arctic/Cyan blue...it's very cool-toned and vivid, even the thinnest of lines will pop! I love it to bits, I wish I could have everything in that shade!

Let's look at some 'on-eye' application variations - I chose two on the upper lash line, because I rarely line the lower lash line.

Missha x Calary Girl Blue Halterneck eyeliner, blue eyeliner, eyeliner demo

You can wear the Calary Girl Eyeliner in Blue Halterneck on its own - it will give a beautifully magical, almost innocent, mermaid look!
If you feel that it lacks definition, however, or when you want a more contemporary look, try the contrast liner:
first apply a thicker line with the Calary Girl Eyeliner in Blue Halterneck, winging it out
Then create a parallel line with black eyeliner - thinly right next to the lashes, and a small wing to replicate the blue.

This way your eyes are defined and you have more 'trendy' look - I think it looks amazing whichever way!

The eyeliner itself is waterproof and very long lasting - I had troubles getting it off with two different oil-based cleansers! So you can brave the water in this, if you chose to embrace the mermaid calling!

However, if you layer the Calary Girl Eyeliner in Blue Halterneck (apply more than one coat), the corners have a tendency to flake a little. The colour fades a little, not entirely though. I suggest you use a single coat for optimal security.

What are you waiting for? Join me in splashing around and let's be mermaids! Wait..I mean you need this eyeliner because it's just...amazing - formula and colour wise.

Overall rating - 9.5/10
Cons: OMG I know - how can there be any?! I just wish it didn't flake with multiple coats!

Repurchase: YES! And I 100% recommend this too - mermaids unite!

Pick it up here:

KoreaDepart - 7.50$
eBay - 14.99$ (free shipping)

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