Ever stare at a pile of sample sachets, feeling lost? Jump in for a brilliant organising hack!

Minute Beauty - Organising Hack for Your Kbeauty Samples

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Unknown 3 Comments

Ever stare at a pile of sample sachets, feeling lost? Jump in for a brilliant organising hack!

This Minute Beauty post is a wee bit different - I'm bringing you an amazing Kbeauty organising hack.

So, we all agree that Kbeauty is an amazing world - yes! Also, samples and freebies are an essential part of that awesomeness - Yes!
But what the heck are we supposed to do when your shoe box is overflowing with sachet samples and you have no clue exactly what's in there?!

No fear - I have a solution!

I was in the exact same spot - staring at my box of sachet freebies, unsure what in the world am I to do with them. And also hating how messy it always looked, no matter how pretty the box was.
Thinking hat on, I dove into eBay and there it was - staring at me from the depths of DIY idea pool. An album. OF SAMPLES.

Oh yes - and here's how to do it:

Grab yourself a business card holder, or a photo album with plastic pockets. The more the better - or you can split them into separate smaller holders based on brand..if you have that many!
There are many on eBay, I won't like to any particular seller - pick your poison.
Sort out your samples - I went by brand - and pile them separately

Start stuffing! I went from the most samples, to the least (some brands, like Missha or Whamisa, I had enough to fill 12 pockets with multiple samples each).

You might need to fold the sachet's side, if you're using a business card holder, but don't worry - the sachets are sturdy and very bendy, there won't be any problems!

Ta-dah! You're done!

Now you can marvel at the gorgeous 'open book' aesthetics of your super-organised Kbeauty samples booklet.
If you do what I did, which is put them all in one holder, it won't close. I like that - my world is in 'artistic chaos' and I like this open book look.
If you want them to close, section into multiple smaller albums!

I will also be decorating the album, simply because things around me should have lace, or flowers, or feathers on them (or the combination of all)...feel free to add your own 'stank' to it!

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***DISCLAIMER: Everything in this post has been purchased by me (except for the freebies that were - you guessed it - free with purchases). I am not affiliated with any of the sellers/brands mentioned in the post. All the opinions are 100% honest and mine.***


  1. This is brilliant! I never would have thought to use a business card holder. --Angela

    1. :) It's one of those things that you look at it afterwards going 'Well, duh!'
      If you try it, tag me on IG - I'm dying to see other version of this :D

  2. Great idea! Super simple and cheap too ;)