Ready to feast your eyes on Kbeauty haul goodness? Wait no longer and jump into my post!

Massive Collective KBeauty Haul! TesterKorea - Jolse - BBcosmetic - Korea

Thursday, August 04, 2016 Unknown 3 Comments

Ready to feast your eyes on Kbeauty haul goodness? Wait no longer and jump into my post!

Minions Makeup, Kbeauty haul

Last month became somewhat of a 'haul month' for me - the stars aligned (as did my bank account) and I happened to need/want/stumble upon many things around the same time.

This post is meant to be fun - I am not bragging, or trying to show off. I just want to share with you the things bring a little bit of happiness to my life, and maybe give you some ideas what to put into your shopping back next!

Let's start off with the smallest of the bunch (but still very exciting)...

Kbeauty haul haul! I'm not even sure if I can call it that though - I only bought one thing. If you remember my recent review of the SwissPure Glow Wear HD Cushion in Le Petit Prince LE packaging you'll know that I used a TK link as one of the places where to purchase the cushion.

And so I did - I got the #21 Pink Ivory box set that comes with a free refil & an extra puff. It was only 12£, which is an absolute steal! TesterKorea also included 4 samples - something I didn't expect at all, considering how small my 'haul' was.

Next up - a haul that I couldn't share until after the 22nd of July...Why? Because half of it were birthday presents for my little sister!

Say hello to the Jolse haul..

Kbeauty haul

I've used before and was quite happy with their service (lots of freebies, quite speedy shipping). So, when I decided to put a little 'beauty bundle' together for my sister's birthday Jolse happened to have the best deals.

I got her the 11-piece set of TonyMoly sheet masks as well as the Skin79 Gold BB Cream (her favourite, and a repurchase!)

For myself I got the SkinFood Rice Wash Off Mask (a repurchase as well, review of this mask will come soon!) as well as Koelf Gold & Royal Jelly Hydrogel Eye Patches - I already have the Ruby & Bulgarian Rose version, so I wanted to try this.

The rest that you see are all samples! See what I mean by good customer service?

Okay, let's jump to the next one - a haul of 'new' things from ...

Kbeauty haul

I've collaborated with BBcosmetic in the past - they've sent me a review package, and you've already seen reviews on the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion as well as The Face Shop Mono Pop Eyes in Lovely Apeach

This package, however, is all my own spending - I found some great deals on their website, as well as some products I haven't seen anywhere else, so I jumped at them.

I got - Benton Snail Bee High Content Sheet Mask 10-pack (I fell in-love with these from a sheet mask swap I did with a dear friend)
DearPacker Jeju Flower 'Sheet Mask Sampler' 4-pack of all the 'flavours'
Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore 97% Hyaluronic Acid Serum (just curious).
As well as two lip balms - Choonee Water Up Lip Balm in Peach & TonyMoly DalCom Banana Lip Balm.

The rest, again, are samples - they included 'deluxe' samples of a primer and BB cream, as well as two cushion puffs, and regular sachet samples.

And finally...can I get a drum roll?... My huge-ass, absolutely mental Kbeauty haul from Korea - excuse me while I put on a straitjacket!..

Kbeauty haul, SwissPure Panacotta Gel Mask, Mamonde Flower Essence Mask, Minions makeup haul

See what I mean?? It's insane! But in my defense...

Most of these were on sale...or a bundle deal...or I really wanted them...

This particular Kbeauty haul is mostly about sheet masks - I got 114 of them..I know - call the asylum!
I stocked up on some favourites:
SwissPure Pannacotta Gel Masks - I love these, and now that I have a bunch I'll be doing an actual blog review!
Missha Cherry Blossom Something sheet masks - 8 bundles of 5-packs (that's 40, for fellow math-sufferers). These were Limited Edition masks, and I happened to fall in love with them. So I got my friend to buy...a few...I am still dreading the day I run out of these!

The rest of sheet masks are all 'new' to me! Basically I scoured Instagram, and Kbeauty pages, to find new masks that I'd want to try. Here's what I came up with:

Banila Co. - a brand that I keep seeing around, and they had a sale, so I jumped in and picked up several masks.
Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Hydrogel mask 5-pack
it Radiance White Lace Hydrogel masks - 2 of each Moisturising, Illuminating and Nourishing
The Blacks Ingredients Sheet Masks - 2 of each Black Rice, Black Raspberry & Black Acai Berry
Tea Party Sheet Masks - 2 of each kind except for the English Breakfast Firming (don't feel I need that just yet)
I picked up 1 of each of the following:
Mamonde Flower Essence Sheet Mask (seemingly new release)
Etude House 0.2 Air Therapy Sheet Masks - the 'updated' version of the beloved I Need You masks, and I wanted to know how they compare!

Then I also picked up new Snail sheet masks from The Saem as well as two 7-day packs from Ariul

Now for the rest of saw the 'pièce de résistance' in the beginning of this post - Minions Makeup!!

Minions Kbeauty haul

Missha came out with a Limited Edition collaboration with Minions, and I HAD to have it. I picket up a Cushion Lip Crayon in Dave (cherry red), a Magic Cushion in Stuart (Moisture) and the cold sippy cup. Aren't they adorable?! I also got the Dave crayon for my sister.

Also from Missha I got their updated Fitting Wear Powder Pact in Clear Mint, the Calary Girl Blue Eyeliner as well as the regular Cushion Lip Crayon in Dusty Pink.
From TheSaem, along with the sheet masks, I picked up the Fruits Punch Sleeping Pack in Peach (it smells SO good).

Another thing I was dying to get was the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint & Lip Balm - I got the lip tint in Shiraz Red and lip balm in Rose Wine.
I am already working on a review for these, believe me - you want them!

Rest of the little things are two Mono Eyes shadows from Aritaum, as well as a matte lip crayon and two nail polishes from A'pieu.

Can you believe the instanity?.. I have put myself under a voluntary shopping ban for a couple another haul will probably come around November (my birthday).

For now - enjoy, and tell me what you're lusting after! Comment bellow, or join me on Instagram for mini-reviews before they even hit the blog!

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***DISCLAIMER: The products in the post have been purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any of the sellers/brands mentioned in the post. All the opinions are 100% honest and mine.***


  1. Omg girl, I feel like I have a partner in crime here. I buy heaps of mask sheets too. Most for me, but to my defense, they come in good deals, or I buy them so I can make up gift packs for my family and friends. I mean, Christmas is not that far away, and I hope to make some Halloween themed gift packs, so the elizavecca witchy stuff, that will come in handy to be part of a Halloween themed gift pack. I'm also going to get more of Witch's Pouch. Not only do I love their stuff, (and I recommend their jelly lip tints) but Witch's Pouch for Halloween? You can't go wrong there. I just wish that some companies released Halloween and Xmas themed sheet masks. I would the absolute shit out of those. Anyway, I loved looking at all your goodies and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person in the world who goes crazy over sheet masks. I mean, they're the best skincare product on the planet imho. Of course, my mum thinks I look like a serial killer with them on. xD

    1. YES! Mask buddies :D friend me of FB, I feel like we could plot many great things!! ( @MystiqCat )
      And thanks for the support :D need to not feel crazy with all this...

      Honestly, I justify these mask hauls so easily, especially with all the sales and bundle deals - try going into a 'western' store with 5$ and see if you can get anything that's going to make a difference to the skin (NOPE). Korean beauty industry has made it possible to get great quality at low prices, and there's just no going back from that for me! :D

      I gift everyone I know with sheet masks - and they always come back saying 'What have you done..I have to have this in my life!' because it's just THAT good!

      I strongly believe that whoever created sheet masks was inspired by horror movies XD There's just no denying that! I can just see them watching Halloween and thinking - 'What if he has face cream under that mask?...Yes! EUREKA!' XDDD

  2. I think I already added you. Hehe. I'm Shanneene on fb, but I have this Jongup account because I love B.A.P and Jongup, of course. :)