Jump onto my yogurt-scented cloud and let's explore the SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Pack together!

Korean Skincare - SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Mousse Pack REVIEW

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Jump onto my yogurt-scented cloud and let's explore the SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Pack together!

SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Mousse Pack, swisspure review

Have you noticed yet that SwissPure is pretty much my current brand-obsession?
No? Curious, since I've talked almost nothing-but-them the past couple of months!

And who's to blame (Kbeauty is) - the brand is so far only amazeballs!
Pardon the slang, but this is way past 'good' or 'great' - time to dive into the vernacular of the trendy folk.

Anyways, I want to introduce you to my little secret - that's not so little, and not so secretive - SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Mousse Pack...

SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Mousse Pack, swisspure review

This is a gem I discovered thanks to SwissPure itself - the mask came as a freebie (OMG, I know!) with my purchase this spring. It's a whopping 150ml and retails at around 10$, getting it for free was a ginormous surprise.

This is a bubble mask - you press the pump and out comes a bubbly cloud of, what I can only describe is, honey yogurt scented magic!
It's housed in a can, like hair mousse, and it works the same way too.

You don't need to shake it or dip your finger into it - everything is super quick and hygienic, and I LOVE it!

As I mentioned - it has a sweet yogurt/honey scent that's extremely delicate and comforting. It doesn't linger much, but I find it very therapeautic.

This mask contains muesli (oatmeal) extract, yogurt and honey, as well as Edelweiss - all for moist, bright, supple skin.
There are several tips on how to use this - as a regular wash-off mask after cleansing, or you can even use this as a gentle second cleanser when there's not much left to take off!

However, my favourite way is to use this as a morning pre-wash mask/cleanser.

You pump out a dollop of the mask - about the size of a ping-pong ball - and spend a good 5 minutes admiring the puffy, bubbly magic that is on your fingertips...

SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Mousse Pack, swisspure review

Then you proceed to massage it onto your face - that little dollop will continue to gently bubble, so it will be enough to cover the entire face. 

Then you went the hands, slightly, and proceed to massage the face for about a minute. Not washing the mask off yet, just helping it help your skin.

Finally, after you're done playing with the mask, wash it off with lukewarm water!

Ta-dah! Soft, brighter skin that doesn't feel dry or tight what-so-ever!
Continue with your regular skincare regimen and enjoy the effects.

I love this mask as a moisture boost and an amazing way to wake up my skin - try it, I'm sure it's nearly impossible for you to not enjoy this SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Mousse Pack.

SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Mousse Pack, swisspure review

You're probably saying - hey, that was a very short review (and a lot of bubbly pictures)!
Well, yes, it was - this is a product that is very straightforward. Sometimes less is indeed more, and SwissPure has proved it time and time again with their products!

Overall rating - 10/10

Will I repurchase it - Abso-freaking-lutely! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the SwissPure Muesli Yogurt Pack, and I'm convinced that my life would be a lot less bouncy without its bubbles..

Pick it up here:
BeautyBoxKorea - 9.95$

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