Love Minions and red lips? Wait no longer and jump in for my review and swatches of the Dave Cushion Lip Crayon!

Korean Beauty: Missha x Minions Dave Cushion Lip Crayon [RD01] REVIEW & SWATCHES

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Love Minions and red lips? Wait no longer and jump in for my review and swatches of the Dave Cushion Lip Crayon!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I love red lips - lipsticks, tints, liquid lipsticks, crayons - you name it, I have it!
Basically, whenever I see a new lip colour selection, or a new lip product release, the first colour I gravitate towards is red. It doesn't matter that I already have 11...teen.. red lippies - I need another!

Same thing happened with Missha x Minions makeup collection - I saw the Cushion Lip Crayons and I immediately zeroed in on the red shade. It's RD01 or Dave - each of the 5 Cushion Lip Crayon has a character associated with it.
I also wanted to get Stuart, the yellow crayon - because it's Minions we're talking about. However, it seems like a clear balm rather than a colour, so I couldn't justify splashing my money on solely packaging...yet - come back in like a month and the story might be different!

So, I got Dave - the colour name is Cherry Shower and it's very accurate.
I love the packaging of these Cushion Lip Crayons - the Minions character is adorable, and it features a bit of yellow regardless of the colour of the crayon - as an homage.

The Cushion Lip Crayon is a dual-ended lippie - take off the red cap and you'll reveal the 'cushion' part of the lip crayon. This is here for blending and creating that beloved 'gradation' lip look.

The crayon is scented - it has peach oil in the ingredients, and it smells like fresh, juicy peaches! I kid you not - I sliced open a peach and they smell identical.
I actually have a Cushion Lip Crayon from the original lineup and the scent of the Minions makeup one is stronger. It doesn't linger on the lips, so you shouldn't be afraid to try this.

The formula is very smooth and creamy, but light at the same time - it glides super easily, no tugging, to catching onto dry patches. It does wear for many hours, but it's not transfer proof - if you're eating or drinking you will have to touch up after a while.
That being said, it leaves a pink stain on the lips, so it doesn't look bad once it wears off!

With wear, about 2 hours in, the lippie does dry down a little - not terribly so, and it isn't even uncomfortable, but it is a noticeable change to the initially-balmy feel.

Oh, and this is insanely pigmented! Check out the Dave Cushion Lip Crayon swatches...

Left to right: 1 coat - 2 coats & Natural Light - With Flash

These are one-two coats, and you can see that from the get go the Cushion Lip Crayon is really pigmented! It only intensifies with another coat, but you're totally fine swiping this on your lips once.

Now, about the lip application - the shape of the crayon makes it really easy to apply this with precision. I do think that once the tip wears off it will be a little more challenging, but for now I am very happy not having to use a brush!

Can we talk about how perfect this Cherry Shower red is?! I mean - look at it!
Blue-based, incredibly vibrant red that screams glamour. I am absolutely enamoured with this shade (and am seriously considering buying a back-up, because I don't like the idea of not having this)!

This is a cool-toned red - so it makes your skin and teeth look a tad whiter, if you have warm-toned skin this could potentially be too bright, but I am all for bold lips!

You can make it sheerer, if you dab it onto the lips and the blend out with the cushion tip. The cushion is really soft and spongey, not unlike a beauty blender (just don't wet it), and distributes the product evenly.
One tip - wipe off the cushion after using, because the product stays on it!

You can also create that coveted 'gradation' look - my advice is to dot the product onto the inner part of the lips (instead of swiping like a regular lipstick), in 3-4 dots, and then blend with the cushion. That way you're not applying to much product and it will be a lot easier to sheer it out!

Please - tell me you're getting something from the Minions collection?? You must! Read my overview of the Missha x Minions collection as well as my review of the Stuart Magic Cushion Moisture if you're feeling indecisive.

Comment bellow - did anything from the Minions makeup collection make you throw your walled at the computer screen?

Overall rating - 9.5/10
Cons - the only, tiny, minuscule drawback is that it's not transfer-proof

Do I recommend this: Yes! The special Minions packaging makes it so worth getting! I will be repurchasing this one to stock up for sure!

Pick it up here:
 - 11,06$ (free shipping, tracking number available)

eBay - 11,98$ with shipping

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