Love cute things? Then you NEED this Kakao Friends Mono Pop Eyes in Lovely Apeach! Jump in for my review & swatches...

REVIEW & SWATCHES: The Face Shop Kakao Friends Mono Pop Eyes #2 Lovely Apeach

Sunday, July 31, 2016 Unknown 2 Comments

Love cute things? Then you NEED this Kakao Friends Mono Pop Eyes in Lovely Apeach! Jump in for my review & swatches...

Lovely Apeach Mono Pop Eyes

I have to hand it to the Korean beauty industry - their packaging never fails to surprise (and charm) me!
The Face Shop Kako Friends Mono Pop Eyes in Lovely Apeach has been floating around the Asian Beauty world for quite a while now, and I can totally see why - it's ridiculously adorable!

I squealed like a little girl when I saw that my review package from contained this palette. They were very generous in providing very exciting Kbeauty products for me to review - this palette is something that I really wanted to get my hands on, but simply couldn't find it.
So here goes my big Thank You for for the  very thoughtful review package!
I am very impressed with the amount of products they stock - even limited editions, such as this Kakao Friends Mono Pop Eyes palette - so if you're hankering for a special edition product you should head to their website to pick it up.

And to answer the question that's burning in your head - yes, this was provided for an honest review, and my opinions remain, as always, 100% mine and absolutely sincere.

Mono Pop Eyes Lovely Apeach

We have to talk about the packaging! Because let's be honest - it's like half of the appeal of this palette.

This particular version of The Face Shop Mono Pop Eyes is called Lovely Apeach - it's a Kakao Friends emoticon character, modeled after - you guessed it - a peach.
I've actually been using Kakao as my main messenger for many years now, and I love all the adorable emoticon characters they have.

This Apeach one is actually my favourite - together with Muzi (bunny), the other version of this Mono Pop Eyes palette - making this palette a must-have just for the packaging alone!

However, don't get upset if you are unable to find this palette anymore - it was a LE item, and The Face Shop just released a new collaboration with Disney for the Mono Pop Eyes. I still suggest looking at the new collection - shadow quality is good, and the characters (Mickey, Pooh & Mike Wazowski) are just as adorable!

Lovely Apeach eyeshadow palette

You actually get two faces of Apeach - one on the cardboard sleeve that the palette comes in, and another on the actual Mono Pop Eyes palette.
I think that's absolutely ingenious, and also means you will probably end up keeping the palette in the sleeve (as you very well should, it's way too cute to throw out).

The Mono Pop Eyes palette in Lovely Apeach is pale pink in colour, made out of thick, sturdy plastic and snaps very tightly shut. The materials don't feel flimsy what-so-ever.
There's a large mirror on the inside, and it actually opens 90 degrees (flat out) so it's very comfortable to apply makeup with it.

Mono Pop Eyes Apeach swatches

There are 8 shades in the palette - they're warm, pink-y toned and all have shimmer. 

1st shade is a champagne ivory with shimmer - beautiful shade to bring light to the eyes, or to highlight.

2nd shade is a rose-gold - gorgeous, shimmery and can be built up.

3rd shade is a peachy pink with golden shimmer - again, can be easily built up, and makes a great single-shadow look.

4th shade - a gorgeous bronze - is very smooth and looks/feels almost metallic.

5th shade is, again, a sheerer milky brown with glitter.

6th shade is a chocolate brown - great for lining/accent.

7th shade is a fuchsia pink, but it's not highly pigmented so you have a lot of control in terms of the intensity.

8th shade is a plum-purple - it looks very dark in the pan, but is the same sheerer formula as most colour, so you can control how dark it actually appears.

Mono pop eyes Lovely Apeach swatches

All the shades blend beautifully and don't flake off. They also layer very well, so you can build up the intensity if you wanted to.
I sometimes have issues with lack of pigmentation in eyeshadows, but here I'm quite alright with it - because the shades are not your 'typical' everyday colours I can see how for many people it could prove difficult to work with them, if they were very pigmented.

Here you have a lot of control over how intense the shadows appear on your eyes, and that's amazing - even if you're just getting into makeup you can use this palette and come up with fun looks, without being intimidated!
I also enjoy that they have a mix of colours in the same warm undertones - you can blend them together without much thought, or use for single-shadow looks. Seriously, take any 2-3-4 shades from the palette and they will work together!

Mono Pop Eyes, Lovely Apeach, BBcosmetic

I love this palette - even though I have more eyeshadows than any one person could ever need. It's both versatile and cute - the pinks in the palette make it perfect for the 'girly fairy' moods, and the darker shades keep it quite work appropriate as well.

The only minor qualm that I do have with this, and most Korean palettes, is the lack of matte shades - at least one or two mattes would make this palette an almost irreplaceable staple, whereas now I can really only suggest it for people who like shimmer.

As this was a Limited Edition item - it's no longer widely available. However, you can still snap it up from good 'ol eBay (click for the link) for ~15$ with free shipping. will soon start stocking the next The Face Shop Mono Pop Eyes collaboration - Disney with Mickey, Pooh and Mike Wazowski (from Monsters Inc.)
Which are you most excited about? Comment bellow!

Overall rating - 9/10

Cons - only shimmery shades, lack of matts

Will I repurchase it - I doubt I will ever run out of this, and it was a LE item, so no, but not because I didn't like it!

Pick it up here: eBay for ~15$ with free shipping

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  1. Hello! I was wondering if this product is still available? Apparently teh disney themed ones have been released and I'm still a bit new to the makeup world������ Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hi :)
      This particular palette is no longer available, as far as I know - they have Disney, and MArvel now out :) but there should be comparable shades!