Battling hot weather, but still need to even out your skin? How about SwissPure Toning Radiant CC Cream - jump in for the review!

Korean Makeup: SwissPure Toning Radiant CC Cream REVIEW & SWATCHES

Friday, July 22, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Battling hot weather, but still need to even out your skin? How about SwissPure Toning Radiant CC Cream - jump in for the review!

Wow..I honestly have been impressed by how the heat London was hit during the past few days! I did not enjoy it, whatsoever. Basically I wanted to stay under a table, sipping on cold water.
I did something better - soaked in a cold tub while getting sheetfaced!

All that aside, I still had to go out one day - my sister is visiting, so we went sightseeing. It was 30C outside, but since we were going in public I wanted to use something light enough not to annoy my skin, but that's still capable of evening out the tone and providing a little bit of coverage.

Enter - SwissPure Toning Radiant CC Cream.
I got this on a whim - it was a new release from SwissPure, and I had my friend pick it up because they had a cool freebie going with any purchase over 10,000KRW (a free full-sized Muesli Yogurt Mousse Pack and a Pannacotta Gel Mask).

I like CC creams better than BB creams in most instances these days - I simply do not need as much coverage as BB creams provide. CC creams are meant to even out the skin - some of them have 'colour adapting particles', and some (like this one) are a neutral beige kind of shade.
This CC cream is by far my favourite out of the 4 I've tried.

It comes in a very simple white tube with silver lettering and  a pump dispenser - very sleek, and hygienic. 
The cream comes out in good dose - 1 pump is enough for the whole face. It's actually very pigmented for what it is, but blends in effortlessly and makes the skin look perfect, yet natural.
There is 35ml of product - you only really need a pea-sized amount per application, so it should last a long while.

There's a very light herbal scent to it - nothing to noticeable. The shade is a rather neutral, slightly more yellow-y tone, that's good at reducing dark circles and toning down redness.

The texture is kind of thicker, and not as oily as most CC creams I've come across.
It applies without clinging too much to dry patches (although it isn't too friendly with my psoriasis, but that's due to it's semi-matte finish).
The finish is curious - semi-matte, but still has a bit of 'glow' to it.
It's not tacky or slick - I usually don't even set it with powder, because I don't like too matte of a look.

The half-face swatch is regular skin without prior prepping - that way you know if something needs more work. This one doesn't - it still goes on smoothly, and doesn't accentuate fine lines. However, if you have dry skin you should do a full moisturising routine prior to this.
It has an SPF30/PA++ so it does create a decent sun-barrier, however, on hot days I prefer to first apply an SPF50 sunscreen (also from SwissPure) and then follow it up with this CC cream - that way sun protection lasts a while.

My skin looks brighter and redness is almost entirely neutralised.
It does 'settle down' after a bit into a more natural look, so my cheeks do flush a little bit (but I like it as it eliminates the need for a blush).
The SwissPure Toning Radiant CC Cream lasts all day - it doesn't smudge or transfer, and even on hot days, especially if you reinforce it with a touch of powder, it will take you from morning to evening.

This is a pretty straightforward beauty product - I am a big fan, and it does what it's supposed to. As I've said in my previous SwissPure reviews, I am very impressed with the brand - they don't have a huge lineup, but the items they do release feel like there was a lot of effort and thought put into them.

Should you get this - yes! If you're someone who's looking for light coverage, even skin tone and heat-friendly base product - this CC Cream is for you. The amazing thing is that it's available on Amazon!

Did you enjoy my SwissPure Toning Radiant CC Cream review? Have you tried this? Comment bellow!

Overall rating - 9/10
Cons - it is semi-matte, so dry skin might need extra prep.

Will I repurchase it - absolutely!!

Pick it up here:
AmazonUK - 14.85£ (free shipping)

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