I think I might have a slight obsession with SwissPure Le Petit Prince edition...The Glow Wear HD Cushion was my very first purchase, and ...

Korean Beauty: SwissPure Glow Wear HD Cushion Le Petit Prince [21 Pink Ivory] REVIEW

Monday, July 11, 2016 Unknown 1 Comments

I think I might have a slight obsession with SwissPure Le Petit Prince edition...The Glow Wear HD Cushion was my very first purchase, and I am so happy about it!

Le Petit Prince is, still, one of my favourite stories. And not just because there is a thorough description of what a boa who swallowed an elephant looks like from the inside...
It's something that everyone ought to read, if just for the gentle humour.

So, naturally, when SwissPure started releasing their Le Petit Prince special edition items I did not pass the chance to connect two things I love - beauty and books. You've previously read my review of the Eye Makeup Kit from the same collection (click for the link) and today I'm talking about the Glow Wear HD cushion - SwissPure entry to the world of cushion foundations.

We must talk about the packaging - can you even believe how wonderful it is?? It's very simple, but absolutely lovely.

The cushion is housed in a gentle lavender/pink case with an illustration of the Prince on his planet with his rose. It's matte, smooth and very pleasant to the touch. It doesn't look cheap, or toy-like, so you shouldn't hesitate to get this! I can't even bring myself to throw out the box...

To me it's both whimsical and somehow ethereal, I adore this SwissPure Glow Wear HD Cushion in Le Petit Prince edition packaging. Even the cushion has the silhouette of the Little Prince printed on it - how delightful...

SwissPure has also released Le Petit Prince wallpapers in two colour/design combinations - just click on the links to get to the image!

The foundation is thicker, not runny what-so-ever, but it doesn't feel heavy or cake-y on the skin. It's quite neutral in tone, not too pink or yellow, and the SwissPure Glow Wear HD Cushion 21 Pink Ivory shade is quite the perfect match to my skin.

The texture of the foundation is slightly tacky when first applied, but that doesn't stick around, however if you don't set it with powder, the foundation feels a little bit rubbery (if you touch it, you don't actually feel it on your skin).

It applies very evenly, and doesn't cling to dryness - even my psoriasis isn't too dry with this on. I've been using it for a good month now and for the pictures bellow I used it on 'morning skin' - without extra sheet masks or anything, to test it's features as far as dryness goes.
The SwissPure Glow Wear HD Cushion Le Petit Prince performed extremely well, I had several dry patches and flakiness around my nose but it went on smoothly, and did not settle into the flaky areas.

No flash, natural light - With Flash - With Flash to accentuate the glow

It events out the skin and covers well, also neutralises the redness (as you can see) - I didn't use anything but the cushion on the half-face pictures. The finish is slightly dewy, not moist to the touch, and adds that 'Korean glow' - in the right-most picture smile accentuates the glow. I usually dust setting powder on my nose and chin, occasionally forehead, but leave the cheeks powder-free to preserve that glow.

There is a very gentle herbal scent - you can smell it during application, but it disappears almost immediately afterwards. There is nothing irritating or unpleasant about the scent, and it isn't surprising either since SwissPure base their formulations on natural ingredients from the Swiss alps.

There is nothing bad about the SwissPure Glow Wear HD Cushion - it's absolutely wonderful!
I will certainly be repurchasing a refill for this, and I suggest you try it as well. It's great for summer as it's not too moist, but it doesn't cling to dryness so it will go well during colder months too.

Have you been tempted by anything from the Le Petit Prince collection? Comment bellow!

Overall rating - 10/10

Will I repurchase it - absolutely!!

Pick it up here:
TesterKorea - 15,25$, cushion+refill set (shipping incl.)
KollectionK.com - 21,03$  (shipping incl.)
Ebay - 14,95$ + free shipping

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  1. Great review and the packaging is so cute!