Happy June, lovelies! London is having it's first sunny June day today, so I'm sharing my favourite 'sunny' summer nail ...

Summer Nails - SwissPure Sheer Nail Polish in Blush Pink + Innisfree ECO Nail Color Pro in 189

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Happy June, lovelies!
London is having it's first sunny June day today, so I'm sharing my favourite 'sunny' summer nail look!

If you follow me on Instagram (and you really should - you'll get daily posts of K-beauty goodness) you'll be familiar with the two nail polishes I'm talking about here, since I reviewed them just last week!

I used to wear nail polish practically every day, in a myriad of colours, but in the past 3 years or so it has become a bit of a nuisance - put it on, take it off, put it back on again - so much so that I've even tried gel nails (fun and totally hassle-free for the office, but way too permanent for my liking). 

These days I tent to stick to a single colour, or two, and only wear nail polish when I'm in the mood, or an occasion calls for it. As summer is knocking on the door, again (and maybe this time London will actually let it in) I have been turning to this particular duo constantly.

SwissPure Sheer Nail Polish in Blush Pink is a new release from a little-known K-beauty brand, which you might remember from my cleansing balm review here. The polish itself is a gorgeous salmon/peach pink - it looks a lot more pink on their website than in real life - with golden shimmer. It's almost a duochrome, but in the most unobtrusive and delicate way.

The Sheer Nail Polish in Blush Pink is one of 4 shades introduced, and one of two with golden shimmer. All polishes are scented - apple cider - and the scent lingers for a good hour after application. It beats the regular polish scent, but I could do without the cider scent. It's not a huge drawback, but it can be a little irritating for the nose.

It lasts decently, 2-3 days without too much nail-water contact. I do dishes almost every day, and it still holds up pretty well. And with my desire to change things every few days, this polish is right up my alley! Not to mention that it's just so darn cute to look at :)

As for the Innisfree ECO Nail Color Pro - the polish line isn't new, and I've long been an avid fan, but for spring they came out with this gorgeous top coat - Petals Flying in the Sky - that I absolutely had to have!
The polish is clear base with multicoloured hexagonal flecks - sky blue and blush pink - that go on more densely as you layer the polish.

I adore this paired with the SwissPure Sheer Nail Polish in Blush Pink as it creates a delicate, flowery, feminine look that is simply perfect for Summer.
I do intend to try this on top of a sky-blue polish, and will update with results (which should be magical)!

However, this does look wonderful on its own as well. It's delicate and barely-there, yet special. Worn alone the polish lasts forever and it takes a bit of elbow grease to get the flecks off. Nothing bad in my book about this one!


It was a quickie, but I hope you enjoyed the review & pictures! Do you have your favourite nail combo for the summer? Comment bellow - I'd love to get some ideas!

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