What's the ultimate summer time treat? Sandy beaches & bathing in the sea, of course! Before you rush off - read about the Innisfr...

Korean Skincare: Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Deep Essence & Mist REVIEW

Monday, June 20, 2016 Unknown 1 Comments

What's the ultimate summer time treat? Sandy beaches & bathing in the sea, of course! Before you rush off - read about the Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater line...

I live in London, so technically we're surrounded by water, but I haven't actually been to the seaside since last summer! It's appalling, I know, but the weather here just hasn't been seaside-worthy yet...

On the upside I've had lots of time to test new products! So you can expect to lust after many wonderful things this summer ^_~ and meet a few duds as well.

For those of us who are beach-less one of my favourite Korean beauty brands - Innisfree - gives us the access to Jeju - a amgical island full of wonderful natural treasures that they pack into their products. 

The Jeju Lava Seawater line is no different - it has a base of Jeju volcanic seawater (hence the 'lava' in the name) that is said to be enriched with various minerals. The water is supposedly taken not from the sea directly, but from underground pools, in which the water has seeped through volcanic rocks, clarified and picked up the said minerals.
On top of that it also contains a mixture of plant extracts as well as squalane  (a naturally occurring lipid that works as a moisturizer) that hydrate and soothe your skin (extra necessary if you've been out on the beach all day) as well as battle the first signs of aging.

Let's see how magical they really are, shall we?

Starting off with the packaging that is simply gorgeous! 
Both the mist and the essence are housed in plastic, as with majority of Innsifree products, but it doesn't look/feel flimsy or cheap what-so-ever! I've dropped my essence a few times (mostly while taking photographs as it kept rolling off the shelf) and there's still no visible damage.

The bottle of the essence has this beautiful gradient look - indigo blue starts at the bottom and progresses into darker ocean-depths kind of blue, with 'bubbles' embossed on the side. It's very vanity-worthy and beautiful to look at. The 'regular' essence is housed in a lighter-coloured bottle that makes it easy to tell them apart.
It's not just looks though - the bottle has good weight to it and feels very sturdy. The cap shuts tightly, and the pump mechanism works flawlessly.

The essence is dispensed via an airless pump and you can clearly see your progress as the bottle is relatively see-through (great for alerting you when you need to stock up on your Jeju Lava Seawater Deep Essence). 
I have to admit that the packaging is incredibly well thought-out, and could be one of the reasons I decided to get this...

Diving into the performance (sorry for the pun, I had to)... 

I started off quite sceptical about the essence - as much as I adore Innisfree makeup and facial mists, I was previously let down by the hyped-up Green Tea Seed Serum and really put off by the rising prices of their products overall (I no longer consider Innisfree to be a budget brand, it's heading up to high-street). 
So, the essence had quite small shoes to fill in terms of expectations and I was just hoping it would live up to it's 30$ price-tag. Getting the 18$ mist as a freebie justified the purchase somewhat..

The essence is 73,8% volcanic seawater, less than the concentration of the regular type (this one is called 'deep', so I'm not exactly sure how that works out), with various herbal extracts as well as squalane to impart the skin with moisture and 'vitality' (a favourite term in the Korean beauty industry).

The texture is quite unusual for an essence - thicker (white) cream/gel hybrid. It's lighter than a cream, but not light enough to be a gel. It's thicker than other essences I've tried, but I enjoy it because it is much more effective as well and works in the place of a serum.
It's slippery, nothing like snail mucus slippage though, and sinks in without leaving much trace (very much appreciated). I use one full pump per application, because I feel that it dispenses just enough product not to overwhelm my face.

The scent is quite peculiar - very much that of sea-breeze with a hint of floral/herbal. It's nothing I've encountered before, but I love it - seaside is one of my favourite places on this Earth, and this scent is very reminiscent of my summers on the beach.

As for its effect - I am quite impressed! Although my expectations weren't high to begin with the essence lived up to them and then some. It's wonderful for my dry/combination sensitive skin, I use it instead of a serum and my skin feels plump and smooth all day. It's one of the best essences I've encountered, and has certainly revived my faith in Innisfree skincare. Does it justify the price-tag?..I actually think it does, I will likely repurchase this once I've run out (and maybe even try the 'regular' kind to compare)!

Did I tell you that when I got this essence the Jeju Lava Seawater Mist came as a freebie?..yup, and here it is:

The mist is housed in a sea-blue bottle (very pretty to pull out in public, totally justifies the spritz), with a plastic cap and a white spray nozzle. It's not flimsy, but not bulky either - perfect for carrying around with you. I also appreciate the 80ml size that falls just under the carry-on 100ml limit meaning you can take this with you when traveling!

The scent of this is dominated by seawater (which is at 88,4% concentration) and a there is very slight floral/herbal hint. Much like the essence (though less sweet), it's very relaxing and refreshing! 

The spray is a little centre-heavy - the mist is the most dense in the middle - but if you hold it at about 20cm away from your face it will pretty much cover it all.
I suggest about 2 - 3 spritzes for a light layer, and 4 to drench your face. This is perfect for a mid-day moisture boost and it works as a wake-up call, erasing the need for coffee.

I would go so far as to say I prefer the Jeju Lava Seawater Mist over my beloved Innisfree Green Tea Mist - the scent of both is incredibly refreshing and they're both really good at giving that quick moisture boost, but I prefer the overall effect of the seawater mist as it feels more 'natural'!

It has a has a really good atomizer - I tried to photograph the mist in action, and  you can sort of see it in the left lower corner - it's extremely fine, so it's nearly impossible to capture. The fine mist doesn't interrupt your makeup, so you can refresh during the day without much worry.

I am very much impressed with both the Jeju Lava Seawater Deep Essence as well as the Jeju Lava Seawater Mist. The mist, in my eyes, is a must-have for the summer, and the essence is definitely worth trying for those of you who seek moisture (my never-ending quest). 
As I've mentioned - Innisfree prices are more high-street by now, but I found that from international sellers you get a lower price than if you were to get it in Korea (confusing, but appreciated)!

Price: Essence - 30,000KRW / 22-27USD ; Mist - 18,000KRW / 14-16USD
Where to buy it:

I am not affiliated with any of these sellers - they simply have the best prices&service.

What do you think - do either of the two sound like something you'd want to add to your beauty bag? I'd love to hear your thoughts - comment bellow!

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  1. Great reviews! You can also get the essence at $26 and mist for about $16 with free worldwide shipping at seoulcheap.com