Will this Bubble Tea Green Tea Sleeping Pack from Etude House be my cup of tea?.. Jump in to find out!

Korean Skincare: Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack [Green Tea] REVIEW

Sunday, June 12, 2016 Unknown 2 Comments

Will this Bubble Tea Green Tea Sleeping Pack from Etude House be my cup of tea?.. Jump in to find out!

I love green tea. I love things that are tiny versions of real things. I love Korean skin care. So it was a no-brainer when I saw this that I absolutely HAD to have it!

You probably know of this product by now, who am I kidding. The Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack made a huge commotion in the K-beauty scene, mainly for it's packaging/concept. I, of course, bought into the craze and grabbed a pot of green tea for myself.

There are three 'flavours' in total - Black Tea, Strawberry Tea and Green Tea - each of which is supposed to address different skin concerns.

Black Tea is meant for firming and moisturizing; Strawberry Tea is for dry skin; Green Tea is for sebum control and pore care.

source - http://www.etude.co.kr/product.do?method=view&prdCd=105007063
Guess what - I didn't read the descriptions and just grabbed the Bubble Sleeping Pack in Green Tea formula because I love green tea. And I ended up with exactly what I would look for in a product...that is actually NOT what the Green Tea Sleeping Pack is promoted for! I know, confusing.

Green Tea Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack is meant to 'purify skin' and help with sebum control. So, naturally you would assume this is what it would do (I mean..duh..). You would be wrong!

Does it make my skin feel 'purified' - I suppose so, mostly because I cleanse my skin before using this sleeping pack.
Does it help with sebum control - again, I suppose so, my skin does behave well the day after using this.

But it does something completely opposite of what it's promoted for..

Then what does it do?
Moisturize & soothe!

The one thing it's not promoted for, but what I know green tea to be good for, is providing moisture and soothing the skin. That's exactly what it does to my skin and I love it. I use this both as a regular sleeping pack, and occasionally as a day-cream, on days when my skin is irritated and particularly dry.

That being said - don't get this if you have oily skin, the Black Tea would be better (although it's supposedly 'moisturizing', black tea is known for astringent properties).

The texture of the sleeping pack is that of gloopy gel - as you can see in the above picture it's not drippy (that shape holds after you scoop it out until you warm it up) and very reminiscent of jello. It has a pleasant, gentle scent somewhere between sweet and Japanese-green-tea-reminiscent.

The 'moisture bubble' is hard and quite a disappointment. I hoped it would be a boba-like sphere that bursts with similar-textured product into the sleeping pack. That is not the case - it's a hard, waxy kind of 'ball' that takes a bit of effort to squish down and melt into the rest of the sleeping pack. 

Honestly, it's annoying - the sleeping pack is slippery, and squishing this ball is no quick feat with it sliding around.

I actually prefer to use this without the 'moisture bubble' for three reasons:
🍃the bubble is a pain to blend into the rest of the sleeping pack
🍃when reaching for a bubble at the bottom you will get product all over the spoon, which ends up a bit too much to use
🍃my skin can't tell the difference between the 'bubble-less' mask and one with a bubble mushed in

These reasons are usually enough to keep me from trying to fish out a bubble, but I will, occasionally, attempt to get one (and end up slathering my face with 3 layers of the sleeping pack, simply because the spoon picks up way too much product while 'fishing').

you have no idea how much effort (and internal screaming) it took to fish out this bubble for a good shot

The idea and packaging of the Green Tea Bubble Sleeping Pack is adorable, and certainly 'not been done' - but that doesn't mean it's great. As was the case with the 'innovative' click-pen of the Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint (click for the full, annoyed, review), the 'innovative' idea does not actually work. The bubbles, albeit cute, are a pain to fish out and their texture does not blend easily with the rest of the mask.

I will gladly continue to use the Green Tea section of the Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack without bothering too much with the moisture bubbles - my skin can't tell the difference, it's just happy to have some of this slathered on!

The ingredients are pretty good, nothing overly spectacular though - the green tea (Camellia Sinensis) extract is in a much lower concentration than I would have expected from a product that is literally named 'Green Tea'.
It does work for me, especially as a post-sheet-mask finishing touch to seal in all the goodness, but it's not life-changing - there certainly are sleeping packs that are way more impressive in their performance (Innisfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack is one example, I'm on my 3rd tub of that stuff).

Although I am considering trying the Strawberry Tea version of the Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack to test whether its moisturizing properties surpass this one (as they should according to Etude House's promotion) I do not suggest getting all three - this is an adorable product, but pick one 'flavour' to start with to see if it works with your skin at all (Tracy from fanserviced-b.com did not enjoy the Black Tea Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack at all, for example).

Have you tried it? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this - is the Strawberry Tea worth trying? Comment bellow!
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  1. Labai įdomi kaukė pasirodė! Žiauriai! Visgi.. teks susilaikyti, nes pamačiusi sudėtį ir nudžiugau, ir nuliūdau - džiaugsmingos naujienos to, kad čia ohoho, kiek hialurono rūgšties, kuri tikrai efektyviai kovoja su raukšlėmis, tačiau denatūruotas alkoholis visgi nėra daugiškas odai ir ilgainiui ją sausina, o riebią odą, kaip mano, privers dar daugiau gaminti riebalo, kad padengtų "nuostolius" džiūnant odai.
    reikės pažvelgti į kitas jų kaukes, gal tiks labiau? :) Svarbiausia, kad Tau tiko ir patiko!

    1. Black Tea versija tinkamesnė riebiai odai, manau, bet su tuo alkoholiu sudėtingas reikalas - Korėjoje jį mėgsta nes jis padeda sugerti priemonę, bet jų žymėjimas skiriasi, tai ne visuomet aišku ar ten 'piktasis' alkoholis ar kaip :( Mano oda irgi reaguoja keistai į tą patį denatūruotą alkoholį - kai kuriose priemonėse pyksta (Innisfree veido kaukės kartais pykdo), o va čia kažkaip jokios reakcijos nebuvo..turėčiau pavyzduką tai galėčiau duoti pabandyti, deja nėra :(

      Yra pora gerų 'miego' kaukių kurios lyg ir neturi denatūruoto alkoholio - Innisfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack, ir Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - mano jautri oda,bet į jas reaguoja puikiai, ir labai mėgsta.
      Jeigu patinka kaukės su kolagenu dar siūlyčiau pabandyti Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack, kuri mane išgelbėjo porą kartų kai supykdė kitos kaukės :)