I adore all the colours that warmer months gift us, and I can always count on K-beauty to come out with fantastic shades - Innisfree certa...

Korean Beauty: Innisfree Mineral Single Shadows [Trend] 2016 NEW [11 & 19] REVIEW & SWATCHES

Saturday, June 18, 2016 Unknown 1 Comments

I adore all the colours that warmer months gift us, and I can always count on K-beauty to come out with fantastic shades - Innisfree certainly delivered...

Mineral Single Shadows 2016 #11 & #19

If you have been following my blog for a while, you'll remember I did quite a lengthy swatch/review post on Innisfree Mineral Single Shadows - and I was not too happy with the glitter shades as the formula was chunky, flaky and incredibly sheer.

Well, Innisfree has revamped their Mineral Single Shadows line - even the packaging is slightly different (previously the base was cream colour and the lid was clear, now it's all clear plastic). Does that mean that their eyeshadow formula improved as well? Let's find out!

#11 바람에춤추는나비 #19 홍시냠냠

I stumbled upon the new 2016 Mineral Single Shadow colours on W2beauty.com (this is not a sponsored post, but it's a great international K-beauty shop) when shopping back in April. The 11 & 19 shades really caught my eye as they were rather unique, and I had nothing comparable in my stash, obviously they came home!

The shades are #11 Butterflies Dancing in the Breeze and #19 Nummy Persimmon. I adore Korean naming of colour cosmetics, because usually it's right on point. This time was no different - the names reflect the shades extremely well, and the shades stay true to what you see in the pan.

#19 Nummy Persimmon, left, is a bright, pink-ish coral with golden shimmer - gorgeous for summer.
#11 Butterflies Dancing in the Breeze, right, is the most ethereal shade I have ever seen - the palest icy blue with multicoloured shimmer throughout (blue, purple, silver & gold).

#11 바람에춤추는나비 #19 홍시냠냠

The formula of these shadows is great - it's not crumbly or flaky and it shows up really well - a humongous improvement over the previous ones!

#11 is very pale, so it won't show much actual colour, but it looks incredibly beautiful on the eyelid, giving the eyes that dreamy sheen.
#19 is, as mentioned, gorgeous and summery - the golden shimmer together with the coral base create this lovely sunset look that's just incredible, worn alone or shaded with some brown.

Both shades layer well, and #19 intensifies colour-wise when layered. You can see in the swatches bellow what I mean - both colours are on 'naked' skin (no primer), applied dry - left single layer, right two layers.

#11 바람에춤추는나비 #19 홍시냠냠
#11 & #19 - 1 layer>2 layers, no primer. Top - natural light, bottom - with flash.
I am quite enamoured with these colours, as well as the new formula, Innisfree definitely picked up their game with the new Mineral Single Shadows!

I love wearing #11 alone with a blue eyeliner & some mascara for an ethereal, whimsical look. It's also great as a 'top coat' - dab it in the centre of the eye on top of any eyeshadow and it will bring in light.
#19 is great both on its own and as part of a darker eye look - shade the corners with a brown, add a little cat flick liner and you've got yourself a sexy smoldering gaze!

Price: 5,000KRW / ~6-7USD
Where to find them:

I am not affiliated with any of these sellers, they simply have the product at the closest price to retail (~6-7$ incl. shipping).

What do you think - did my review tempt you to pick either of the Mineral Single Shadows? Which one do you like the best? Comment bellow!

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