Ready for it to snow in summer? I know I wouldn't oppose a breath of cool air in the midst of the summer heat...

Korean Beauty: April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White SPF50+/PA+++ REVIEW & SWATCHES

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Ready for it to snow in summer? I know I wouldn't oppose a breath of cool air in the midst of the summer heat...

Say hello to April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White - a breath of fresh air for your makeup routine. have been very kind and sent a package for me to review, including the April Skin Magic Cushion White - I have been in close contact with them and can certainly recommend their store. is an online K-beauty shop, 5 years in the running, that stock various both popular & lesser known brands (including, but not limited to, Papa Recipe, April Skin, Elizavecca, Choonee etc.). You can also find limited edition items as well as special promotions there - special sets, whole sheet mask series and a lot more.

"Our goal is to deliver great customer service and become a trusted destination for everyone who is interested in beauty. While it might be difficult to get some special items everywhere else, we try to get the special editions as fast as possible.
You can find famous brands here, and be sure that you are buying authentic products. In the future we are also hoping to create a beauty box that would be available all over the world."

The pricing is quite excellent, not to mention that you get free shipping! They are constantly adding to their catalogue and hosting various discounts and campaigns - definitely check them out if you're serious about your K-beauty stash!
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Regardless that this post is sponsored, my opinion is in no way influenced by them, nor is this a promotion for the brand - as usual, this review is 100% my own experience.

By now I have switched onto cushion 'foundation' almost exclusively, with a few CC creams still in rotation. As my skin got better over the years, I felt less and less need for higher (BB cream) coverage and instead opted for evening out the skin tone while keeping it looking relatively natural.

This April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White included I now have 7 cushions - 6 that I really like and 1 that I dislike quite strongly. So 6 out of 7, in my eyes, is amazing luck (considering I wasn't able to try any of them before purchasing)!

This April Skin Magic Snow Cushion has been making rounds in the AB community, and I am extremely grateful to BBcosmetic,com for the chance to try it out myself - I have the White version, but I am not quite clear on the difference from the regular Black version...

It comes in a simple white box, with the words April Skin Magic Snow Cushion engraved in the top part. Very understated yet chic in my opinion. 
The cushion case, however, is a little underwhelming - I hoped it would, too, be engraved with the lettering, but there's only simple logo with the name on the side on top of a shimmery white background.
It doesn't feel cheap, and the case itself is larger than my other cushions, but I just wish it was a tiny bit more...stylish?

Inside we have the usual - a big mirror, a plastic (very secure) lid that protects the cushion and nests the puff as well as a first-time peel-off protective sticker that keeps the contents fresh until you're ready to use it.

The applicator side of the puff is peach coloured - not the usual navy blue - so I was quite intrigued. I compared this in terms of performance with 'regular' navy cushion puffs and it seems that the peach one is a tiny bit more absorbent. This is just my observation, I might very well be wrong!

The April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White itself seems to be similar to my beloved The Saem Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion - where the 'liquid' is housed in-between two cushions rather than a single layer soaked in it.
I prefer this type of cushion because I feel the product doesn't dry out as quickly, and it doesn't pool around the edges making it easier to pick up.

The cushion is very saturated - both above & bellow shots I barely touched it. The foundation itself is quite liquid-y, so it spreads very well. It's light-to-medium in coverage and has a glow-y finish.
The application went very smoothly, it doesn't seem to cling to dry patches, nor does it accentuate fine lines. I was surprised how well it evened out my skin, considering how light the foundation feels.

The foundation has a scent - sweet and floral - that is somehow very familiar, but I can't quite place it. The scent does linger for a while after application, which can be a bit bothersome. I can't complain too much though, considering this is otherwise an excellent product!

I used the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White on 'morning skin' - no previous sheet masking - on purpose, to test how it behaves on less than perfect surface. The results are far better than I expected!
As mentioned before, it goes on very light, but evens out the skin and tones down the redness, all that without accentuating fine lines or dryness.
It lasts good 10 hours before fading, and doesn't transfer much on clothing or tissues (important for the ever-sniffly me).

The glow-y finish isn't overwhelming, so you don't look like a greasy mess, just healthy. The #21 colour match is good - I feared it could be a little too yellow, but it just 'lifts' the skin tone and reduces redness. It's not too pale either, so it looks good even in the summer (however much I try to avoid sunlight I do end up ever so slightly more tan), but I think it will work just as well in the fall once I return to my pale self.

As you can see in the photos bellow, I compared the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White to the Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion:

        • Left - April Skin Magic Snow Cushion  White/ bare skin
        • Middle - April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White / Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion with flash
        • Right - April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White / Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion in natural light

The finish is quite comparable, but I actual prefer the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White for a few reasons - it goes on lighter, an doesn't accentuate fine lines as much. 
You can see my nose is a little more 'defined' on the right side of my face, because the Eco Soul Spau BB cushion settled in the dry spot around my nose. 
Also, the Magic Snow Cushion, while still looking very natural, did a slightly better job at reducing redness - even my cheeks & psoriasis are slightly less red than on the Eco Soul Spau BB cushion side.

I really do enjoy the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White - I think it's great in the warmer months, when you need a lighter product so your skin doesn't feel suffocated. It's not perfect - the lingering scent can be a little much - but I definitely recommend picking this up if you're looking for an easy everyday base.

Have you tried the Magic Snow Cushion (White or Black)? I'd love to hear your opinion - comment bellow!

Overall rating - 9/10

Cons - Lingering scent, slight yellow undertone

Will I repurchase it - I have 4 other cushions, so not immediately, but once finished it's definitely at the top of the repurchase list!

Pick it up here:  BBcosmetic - 18.92$ (free shipping)

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