Summer - welcome to London! The temperatures finally hit 20C here, so it's time to bust out strawberries, oranges and bright lippies! ...

[UPDATED] Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint OR203 REVIEW & SWATCHES

Friday, May 13, 2016 Unknown 4 Comments

Summer - welcome to London! The temperatures finally hit 20C here, so it's time to bust out strawberries, oranges and bright lippies!

etude house twin shot lip lip tint swatches

Etude House has a tendency to pull out bright, zesty shades once Spring comes - a smart move, considering that's when pretty much everyone puts down the browns and plums and reaches for pinks, reds and oranges!
This year they offer an innovative lip product - Twin Shot Lips Tint - a liquid lipstick in two shades, for that gradient look, with the second shade coming through the applicator like an injection.

From Etude House official international website:

"Fresh tint shot is added to the soft mousse tint! The moist, twin-color gradation darkens over time."

My Twin Shot Lips Tint is in the shade Thank You x Berry Shot - a paler orange and a strawberry pink.

etude house twin shot lip tint thank you berry shot

The packaging is 'innovative' - you get two shades in a click-pen type tube. The doe-foot applicator picks up the first (orange) shade as a regular lip gloss/liquid lipstick, whereas the second (pink) shade is 'injected' into the applicator by clicking the end of the tube.

The applicator is the one thing I have major issues with. It's innovative, but it is a pain to work with - when you need to get the 'injection', the click pen doesn't actually dispense any product at first, until you've clicked way too many times and have an overflow on your hands.
It takes quite a few tries to get used to the flow, and you end up wasting quite a bit of the product (of which there's not all that much anyways, it's not really proportionate to the lighter shade).

[UPDATE] - Etude House has now revamped the packaging of the Twin Shot Lips Tint - it's no longer the annoying injection type, but a double-ended sponge tip applicator: regular doe-foot for the base shade, and a rounded tip for the accent shade. Rejoice - they heard our annoyance!!!!

etude house twin shot berry shot

The formula is quite lovely - the orange shade is mousse-like, and the pink shade is like a tacky gloss (they aren't, however, moisturising as Etude House advertises, but not drying either). Overall the finish is relatively matte, and a little tacky, but that's why it lasts a while. First time I tested the Twin Shot Lips Tint I ended up eating oily fish afterwards, and the lips stayed pretty much just as if I had just applied the lip tint!

Also, to say this is a lip tint is an understatement - this is a full-on liquid lipstick. Yes, it does leave a tint, but the colours of both shades are pigmented enough to earn the 'lipstick' part.

Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint in Thank You x Berry Shot - Berry Shot 'injection'
Application-wise I find it easier to start backwards. First take out the applicator and brush off as much of the orange shade onto the inside of the container as possible. Then click through the Berry Shot injection and apply on the inner part of the lips (as shown in the swatch above).

Then use the orange shade you brushed off to blend along the edges of the lips (as shown in the swatch bellow) - that way you end up creating a better gradient lips effect than if you were to start with the orange shade. At least that's what I've experienced!

etude house twin shot lip tint lip swatch
Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint in Thank You x Berry Shot - both shades
The shades Thank You x Berry Shot of the Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint are beautifully summery - zingy orange paired with the juicy strawberry pink create the perfect gradient lip for sunny days.
I was a little wary of the shades at first, but they look wonderful on my skin!

You can pick them up at Etude House's official website here.
There are 9 colour combinations to chose from - I am sure you'll find at least one that will tickle your fancy! I am strongly considering trying another shade combo, perhaps the brown one? Comment with the shades you'd like me to try!

What do you think is the most exciting part of summer (aside from giving us the excuse to buy more K-beauty products)? Are you tempted to try any of the Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint shade combos? Which one - comment bellow!

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  1. I feel you on annoying applicators, I have a twist pen lip stain which sounds similar to this injector and I can never get the perfect amount!

    The colour comes out really nicely though in your shot!

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

    1. Amen! This to me is just such a waste or product, I probably could have done 5 full-lip applications with what I had to wipe off -_-

      Thanks :D these shots were successfully taken after many frustrating attempts to get the right amount of colour out!

  2. I was so prepared to skip this one because I really hate 'intricate' packaging and application - like, just reading about it makes me exhausted! But the colors look great and I keep hearing good things about the color combinations..... The combo I was craving the most is actually the one on your lips, and it looks great! :D Now I'm conflicted.

    1. :D yeah, that's my main issue with these 'novelties' - it makes my brain hurt XD
      I would say get it (I'm an enabler, so sue me XD) but just that one, because yep - the colours are very pretty, and the formula is rather excellent as well.
      The applicator is stopping me from getting the brown combo I wanted, just because every time I look at it I hear screaming in my head :D