It's haul time, people! I teased you with my Instagram update, but now that I'm working on some reviews I want to share what's...

Korean Beauty Haul & Crazy Freebies

Saturday, April 09, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

It's haul time, people! I teased you with my Instagram update, but now that I'm working on some reviews I want to share what's to come...

Look at all those goodies!
Don't think me crazy, though, this is about half a year worth of shopping..just done in one go!

Oh, and the wonderful part that keeps me so enamoured with the Korean beauty industry?.. Freebies! 
♥ Crazy, insanely amazing freebies!  
This time I got not only samples, but some GWP (gift with certain amount/purchase) as well..

I shop in Korea via a close friend (I point, she buys, I pay - the perfect relationship), so I had the chance to make use of a few of these GWP campaigns.

So, let's see what I got in the haul:

✿ Water Sleeping Mask

The Face Shop:
✿ Ink Graffi Brush Pen Liner in Black

✿ Clear Cleansing Balm
✿ Toning Radiance CC cream

✿ Hyaluronic Acid sheet masks x10
✿ Pomegranate sheet masks x10

✿ Moisture Mask Cushion in the shade #17, Firework LE packaging
✿ Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense lip crayon - in the shades 36 & 37

✿ Camellia Oil Intense Moisture sheet masks x10
✿ Mugwort Calming sheet masks x10

✿ Real Fit Lipstick in the shades 5 & 9
✿ Glow Tint Stick in the shades 3 & 4
✿ New Monkey Year LE nail varnishes in the shades 180, 181 & 183
✿ Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack (not pictured, because I bought it separately on Amazon)

The Saem
✿ Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Eye Cream
✿ Eco Soul Spau Skin Finish powder pact
✿ Saemmul Smudge Lip Crayon in the shade BE01

Etude House:
✿ Bling Me Prism Eyes fluid shadow in the shade #3 Darling Heart 
✿ Fantastic Color Eyes shadow palette in Strawberry Fondue
✿ Big Cover Concealer Cushion in the shade Peach Pink

✿ Glam Art Rouge Bless You lipstick in the shade PP02 French Lavender
✿ Glam Flash Rouge Bless You fluid lipstick in the shade Sick Heart
✿ Glam Art Gloss in the shade SRD04
✿ Viewer 270 Mascara All In Curling
✿ The Style 3D Mascara
✿ Modern Shadow in the shades SVL05 & MPK03
✿ Dewy Glossy Eyes cream shadow in the shade Grape Candy
✿ M Sepia Ink Brush Pen Liner
✿ The Style Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon in the shade Audrey Pink

And here are the freebies I got (SwissPure has to be my favourite here, considering they gave an actual full-size product as a GWP):

Etude House:
✿ Berry Delicious pouch (a GWP with the Fantastic Color Eyes palette)

✿ Yogurt Mousse Pack (full size, a GWP)
✿ Pannacotta Gel Mask

✿ Two Folli Follie bracelets (GWP)
✿ Apple Juicy Cleansing Sample Set
✿ Green Tea Seed Serum sachet x2
✿ Ginseng Oil Serum sachet x2

✿ Red Ginseng 3D sheet mask
✿ Near Skin Smart All-in One Cream sachet x12
✿ BB cream sachet x7
✿ Super Aqua toner & emulsion sample set x2

So yes, this is my Korean beauty haul...insane, I know! But you know what's more insane?.. 
I have more things on the way... *sad sobs of my wallet can be heard in the background*

Basically, this month I am trying out two K-beauty subscription boxes, as well as testing a couple K-beauty online shops. 
So..yes..someone please block access to Korean beauty websites...

That's it for now, I am working on a couple reviews of the things I am most excited about, so stay tuned for some tasty insights!

Comment bellow - which of these excites you the most/you'd like to see reviewed? Also...tell me I'm not the only crazy shopper :)

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